Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Colors of Iskandar Malaysia Photography Competition

Official Poster

Contest Form (English)

Borang Penyertaan (Bahasa Melayu)

REWARD: total RM22,500

Tarikh: 20 Dis 2011 hingga ke 20 Jan 2012, 5.30 ptg

Tema: "The Colours of Iskandar Malaysia"


Perpaduan dan Integrasi antara Kaum,

Bangunan Warisan, dan

Pembangunan Ikonik di ISKANDAR MALAYSIA contoh : Bangunan CIQ, Pelabuhan Tg. Langsat, Ramsar, Pusat Janakuasa Tg. Bin, Lapangan Terbang, Kota Iskandar dll.

Hadiah setiap kategori:

Pertama : RM 3000 + sijil

Kedua : RM 2000 + sijil

Ketiga : RM 1000 + sijil

Hadiah saguhati : RM500 x 3 + sijil

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ONLINE ORDERS for December 2011

#01(SOLD OUT)  #05 size measurements

JOHO keychain (LIMITED)

JOHO lanyard (SOLD OUT)

JOHO 1st Mini Notebook (50pages)

Here are the lists of things we have for you to grab it online. For our #01 and #05 shirts please check the size first before you make an order, once the order is already mailed, we will reply it with the price for each items you order

We also have a few more hoodies,#04 (for ladies)

Every transaction yang melebihi RM100 akan kami hadiahkan satu baju FREE (surprise)

email to : johoconcept@gmail.com

Wallpaper December 2011 (be responsible)

"Be Responsible" in GREEN

"Be Responsible" in WHITE

Official Wallpaper 2011-2012

"Be Responsible" was the slogan for our #03 shirts earlier this year,now we are going to start campaigning for Environmental cause for 2012. We hope together we all can make JOHOR the best place to live in.

Do leave a comment here and lets interact and if you have finally download it and display it in your PC or Lappy tag sahaja Joho Concept-Store di Facebook..maybe your Lappy or PC will be shown here nanti :)

JOHO AD - Yusri Bachok

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Super Artwork in Melaka By the SuperSunday

Backbones : Kioue and Din

The SuperSunday Crew

Kioue:Founder and Art Director of The SuperSunday

It was on a rainy day when JOHO.tv crew kena bergegas ke Kota Melaka to do a cover story for an art piece done by The Super Sunday. When we arrived it was 11pm tapi kami still nampak these guys masih sibuk untuk menyiapkan mural mereka di pesisiran sungai Melaka (dedikasi).

The SuperSunday is a brand and also a company yang telah banyak involve dengan seni graffiti hampir di seluruh semenanjung Malaysia ni. JOHO.tv sempat berborak dengan mereka about their latest work di Melaka ni, mural sepanjang 150m dan mengambil masa hampir 2 bulan untuk siap di tepi sungai Melaka ni sudah tentu akan membuat korang semua terlopong dan terpegun, dan memang tak dinafikan hasil dari anak-anak kelahiran Johor ni memang hebat and makes us wonder, bila Johor nak ketengahkan "medium" sebegini untuk tatapan generasi baru dan juga memberi impak dan nafas baru kepada aspek "seni" tu sendiri...(no komen..)

Nantikan sesi temubual kami bersama abang-abang kacak ni di segment JOHO.tv selepas ni :)

- berapa banyak "ni" kat sini ni -

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

STATIK-sujudku | Rock The World 11 |

This is the first Rock The World appearance by Statik and JOHO.tv was excited to be there with them. The atmosphere was awesome and the crowd was great, with the help from Anas (Laila's Lounge) on bass the evening went well for the band.

Sujudku is the upcoming single from Statik and it is told that the recording for this single will finish by early 2012, JOHO hope that more new sounds and faces from our beloved state will appear in the future.

we are still saving for a better audio gear
for donations, write to johobaru@gmail.com

Amirul Izwan
Reza Mohamed 

Friday, December 9, 2011

JOHO.tv | Bittersweet |

2nd December 2011

Ipoh's very own indie heroes were in town during their show at Search Fenomena in Johor Bahru on the next day. We managed to ask them about their updates and other newsflash from Ipoh as well.

JOHO would like to thank statiksound for organising this and to EMBRACE HALL for the venue, many said that it has been a long time since we last got this kind of atmosphere and yeah we agreed.

A big applause to those who also performed with them that night. We got names like Pelanggaran AKta Bunyi, Second Radio, Redemption and also Statik performing live and full of passion.

Amirul Izwan

Friday, November 18, 2011

Boomslang: Jelajah Bukit Vol. 2

It has been a while since we last update and we hope you guys are all in great health. We are back with the latest video from Boomsland as they conquered another hill. Enjoy :)

Boomslang - Jelajah Bukit : Volume Two from amirul.izwan on Vimeo.

The hunters went back to the hill. Now time for Jelajah Bukit : Volume Two KL Tour 2011 organized by Boomslang & big thanks to Longboard Freeriders Malaysia for all your help in arranging the tour. Two days tour to Bukit Cerakah, Kuala Kubu Bharu and Shah Alam skate park.

Skate safe!

Take Me Now - Bless the fall (Intro)
Vagabond - Wolfmother (Cerakah)
Try It Again - The Hives (Kuala Kubu Bharu)

Zulfaiz Zulkini

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fesyen Gerek: Youth Shout Out at IOI Mall Kulaijaya

Eearlier this month, JOHO rocked the town of Kulaijaya with Youth Shout Out at the IOI Mall on 8th and 9th October 2011. For two days, we set up camp at Kulaijaya and the event was a great success.

We got to meet the youth of Kulaijaya and we appreciate everyone who came to the event and show your support to JOHO. As expected, many of the JOHO lovers who came dress to impressed and we will not let that effort go to waste. We have assigned our photographers to capture these special people for a Fesyen Gerek session. Without further ado, here they are:

(Photos credit to Sems Tria and Huzaifah Ibrahim)


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