Friday, October 29, 2010

Jaguh Kampong

Attention to all photographers and designers. In conjunction with The Bluebirds' first EP release, they challenged you guys to came up with with something based on the said concept of Jaguh Kampong.

The best photo or artwork will be used as the design for their new single and will be credited to accordingly. For more information, please go to their facebook page at

news credited to Rayzaw,

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fixed bike ride of Firdauz Haron

Article and video are credit to duurath

Everyday, Firdauz Haron rides 22km back and forth along the most busiest freeway in Johor Bahru and he rides fast.

All footage were shot with Nikon 35mm f/1.8G on a D300s. Edited with Premiere CS4.

Thanks to Omar and Congo for helping out with the shots.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

JOHO Concept Store buttons

RM3 per piece

Many of you guys who have visited us at JOHO Concept Store asked if we have an official Concept Store buttons for sale. The answers now is YES.

This button is not purchasable online, which mean you have to come in person to JOHO Concept Store to get it. The reason for this is because we want to get to know you better and meeting a JOHO lover personally has always been an enjoyable experience for us.

The price is just like any other buttons on sale at our event: RM3 per piece. Grab it now to add into your collections of JOHO buttons!

To know where we are located and our business hours, check out the FAQ section.

Friday, October 15, 2010

JOHO stickers

One of the most sought after merchandise is now in store. Sticker JOHO kini di pasaran. There are 2 kinds of stickers.
  • Car sticker (10cm x 10xm)
  • Outdoor sticker

The price for a pair/sepasang (of both) sticker is RM12. Separately the sticker cost RM7. Untuk yang jauh di perantauan, or yang dekat tapi ngada² nak beli online gak, you all can email to with your details (name, address and phone number) and what kind of sticker you want to purchase.

Sebarang pertanyaan pun boleh email gak :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tee sizing

Untuk memudahkan pembeli online yang ragu² dengan size tee JOHO, kitorang sediakan sizing (pit to pit) untuk korang.

Tee sizing standard (in inches):

  • S - 17
  • M - 18
  • L - 19
  • XL - 20
  • XXL - 21

  • S - 16.5
  • M - 17.5
  • L - 18.5
  • XL - 19.5
  • XXL - 20.5

Tee sizing (in inches) fit:

  • S - 16.5
  • M - 17.5
  • L - 18.5
  • XL - 19.5
  • XXL - 20.5

  • S - 15
  • M - 16
  • L - 17
  • XL - 18
  • XXL - 19

Standard tee sizes are applicable for tee //01 and //01 Special Edition only. Fit tee sizes on the other hand are applicable for other tees from JOHO.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

JOHO Special Edition #01 tee

Special Edition #01 tee will be on sale starting on Monday, 11 October 2010. You can get it from JOHO Concept Store or get it online. For online purchase, click here for the method.

Price per tee: RM45
Available size (for both boy/girl): S, M, L, XL, XXL

Friday, October 8, 2010

Out and about contests

This section is brought to you with one idea in mind. We want all of you to have all the exposure you can get through competition and contests around Malaysia that you guys can participate.

Success will be even sweeter when you know you have earned it.

Check these out!

Malaysian United for Road Safety
Open to all student. They want your short films!

Malaysia Design Competition 2011

Spritzer Tinge "Tinge in You - Best Shot" Contest
Join Spritzer Tinge “Tinge in You – Best Shot” Contest now and you could win yourself an Apple iPad or the Canon Ixus camera. To participate, just become a fan of Spritzer Tinge fan page, i.e. “Like” Tinge Facebook fan page, then submit your creative photo shot featuring contestants him/her self and (at least) a bottle of Tinge to online photo submission application page. Lastly, get your friends to voting ’Like’ on your photo. Winners will be selected based on the criteria of Votes received , Creativity & Originality and Photo’s caption.
Contest end: October 24, 2010

Canon "The Big One-O" Contest
In conjuction of Canon Ixus 10th Anniversary , Canon is organizing the Canon “The Big One-O” Contest . By participate in the contest, you could win yourself a brand new Canon IXUS 1000 HS Camera. Just submit photos that are linked to the number 10 and tag your photo with a short description along with it.
Contest end: October 30, 2010

MyEG "1StepFwd" Contest
Do you have an idea that can change and improve the lives of Malaysians and Malaysia? Join the MyEG “1StepFwd” Contest now and start implement your idea. Just send a short proposal in not more than 350 words, along with a photo of you to The winner could win RM10,000 and on top of that, you will be given a budget of up to RM500,000.
Contest end: Octobe 31, 2010

Street Directory "Snap and Win" Contest
Join the Street Directory “Snap and Win” Contest no wand you could win yourself a fabulous prizes including digital camera and lomographic camera. Be a fan of Street Directory Malaysia facebook page by clicking the ‘Like’ button, then capture a photo of any building in Malaysia as creatively as you can. Fill in the online entry form and then submit your photo. Finally, get your friends to vote for your photo.
Contest end: November 30, 2010

Canon "A New Perspective of your city" Contest
Join the another contest from Canon now, Canon “A New Perspective of your City” Contest and you could win yourself a brand new digital camera EOS 60D. To participate, just snap a picture of your city from a new perspective and then, submit the picture by completing the entry form on the contest’s site.
Contest end: November 30, 2010

Nikon "Football Foto Fest" Competition Contest
Join the Nikon “Football Foto Fest” Competition Contest now and you could win yourself awesome Nikon cameras including Nikon D90. To participate, register yourself on online contest’s site, then snap and submit a photo of your own interpretation of the theme : ‘Celebrating Football’ onto the site. The winners will be selected based on its creativity and originality by a panel of judges.
Contest end: December 16, 2010

Creative Design Contest (CDC) 2010
Contest end: December 31, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reprinted tee is now in store!

This is the third and last time we reprinted #01 tee. They are available at JOHO Concept Store starts from today. The same goes for #03 tee which was sold out at Paso Bumbong on it's debut. Hurry and get one now otherwise don't come to us complaining about it. Don't say we haven't warn you :)

For those who wants to order online. You can learn the procedure here:

Ini kali terakhir kami reprint tee #01. Lepas ni memang dah takder lagi dah. Untuk korang yang masih mengidam nak baju ni, sila datang ke concept store untuk beli secara tunai terus. Kami juga reprint tee #03 yang sold out ketika debutnya di Paso Bumbong. Siapa cepat dia dapat.

Untuk yang nak beli online, begini caranya:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Open House JOHO 2010

JOHO would like to thank everyone who came to our Open House yesterday. You guys made Hari Raya even more special to us. Thanks for the potlucks: KFC, Mee Bandung, Soto, Mee Rebus, Lemang, Sate and all the kueh mueh. Special thanks to Mr. Chendol for providing us with that awesome cendol.

Selamat Hari Raya everyone. See you guys again next year. InsyaAllah.

Photos credit to Carl Samsudin


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