Friday, October 15, 2010

JOHO stickers

One of the most sought after merchandise is now in store. Sticker JOHO kini di pasaran. There are 2 kinds of stickers.
  • Car sticker (10cm x 10xm)
  • Outdoor sticker

The price for a pair/sepasang (of both) sticker is RM12. Separately the sticker cost RM7. Untuk yang jauh di perantauan, or yang dekat tapi ngada² nak beli online gak, you all can email to with your details (name, address and phone number) and what kind of sticker you want to purchase.

Sebarang pertanyaan pun boleh email gak :)


  1. Aaaaaa....

    Nak beli juga!


    Ada kos penghantaran ke tak?

    Ke FOC?

  2. Amboi nak FOC? Hehe, kos penghantaran RM3 sahaja.

  3. already received the stickers yesterday..tqvm :)

  4. assalamualaikum sye nk tnya kt mana ada jual sticker kreta joho??
    boleh x kalo wt penghantaran pakai pos?
    kalo ada penghantaran mcm mna plak nk buat bayaran??

  5. Sticker JOHO boleh dibeli di kedai family JOHO di Jalan Dhoby (The Scandalist, The Label and The Psychedelic).

  6. admin, car sticker joho xde color black ke?



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