Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reprinted tee is now in store!

This is the third and last time we reprinted #01 tee. They are available at JOHO Concept Store starts from today. The same goes for #03 tee which was sold out at Paso Bumbong on it's debut. Hurry and get one now otherwise don't come to us complaining about it. Don't say we haven't warn you :)

For those who wants to order online. You can learn the procedure here:

Ini kali terakhir kami reprint tee #01. Lepas ni memang dah takder lagi dah. Untuk korang yang masih mengidam nak baju ni, sila datang ke concept store untuk beli secara tunai terus. Kami juga reprint tee #03 yang sold out ketika debutnya di Paso Bumbong. Siapa cepat dia dapat.

Untuk yang nak beli online, begini caranya:


  1. design jenis #01 tee dekat concept store still available tak ????size m????

  2. gerek seyh y'all... aku nak jd warge negare johobaruian boley kew??



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