Friday, April 30, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ends of Days

Lost Malaya presents End of Days, a photo exhibition that will showcase the works of Johor's very own talented photographers. The exhibition will take place from May 2 to June 20, 2010.

On the exhibition's opening day (May 2, 2010), Lost Malaya offers BBQ grill in the garden which will be prepared by chefs Tony & Marina Biddulph from 3pm till the food runs out. Price for the buffet is RM30 per head.

You are cordially invited to Lost Malaya to view the amazing works in their gallery. The time has come for us to support our local talent.

Lost Malaya Gallery & Lounge
9 Jalan Skudai
80200 Johor Bahru

Lost Malaya mempersembahkan pameran fotografi "Penghujung Hari" yang akan mempamerkan hasil-hasil kerja jurugambar-jurugambar dari Johor yang berbakat. Pameran ini bermula dari 2 Mei ke 20 Jun 2010.

Pada hari pembukaan pameran ini (2 Mei), Lost Malaya akan mengadakan BBQ gril di taman yang akan disediakan oleh chef Tony & Marina Biddulph dari pukul 3 petang. Harga untuk buffet tersebut ialah RM30 seorang.

Anda semua dijemput hadir ke pameran ini yang akan berada di galeri mereka. Masanya telah tiba untuk kita menyokong hasil kerja anak tempatan.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bingkai Gambo JOHO

Bingkai Gambo JOHO is an ongoing project of JOHO. The purpose of the project is to support local talents in photography thus making it an inspiration for the newer generation. JOHO is making a point that life itself is inspiring if you just take a moment to capture and appreciate the moments. By sharing such moments we hope to stimulate the desires to achieve greater heights.

The pictures chosen will be placed at JOHO concept store and/or selective stores and will be rotated through participation from JOHO lovers who accepted our challenge to place themselves forward. The duration for it to be displayed for the project is two months.

These pictures are for sale. For those who are interested to purchase the pictures, feel free to contact us via our email. 10% out of the sales will be given to charity.

For photographers who are interested to participate in the project, you can submit a thumbnail of your desired photo to JOHO at There are no specific theme for the photos as long as it has something to do with Johor.

These are the participating photographers and the selective photos for the first Bingkai Gambo JOHO project.

"Continue to be inspired"

Zulhilmi Yusof
"Solid as corals"
"Seteguh karang"

Reza Mohamed
"My battle... for the sake of my culture"
"Perjuanganku... demi masa depan budayaku"

Hunaidi Ismail
"Culture comes first"
"Budaya didahulukan"

Azree Ismail
"Dapatkah kau mendengar suaraku?"
"Can you hear my voices?"

Amirul Izwan
"The young guns... play with pride"
"Anak-anak muda... bermain dengan bangga"

Bingkai Gambo JOHO adalah projek berterusan oleh JOHO. Tujuan projek ini ialah untuk menyokong bakat tempatan dalam bidang fotografi sekaligus menjadikan ia sebagai satu aspirasi untuk generasi baru. JOHO ingin menekankan bahawa kehidupan ini adalah sesuatu yang sentiasa memberi inspirasi jika kita mengambil sedikit masa untuk mengabadikan serta menghargai detik-detik tersebut. Dengan berkongsi detik-detik sebegitu, kami harap untuk merangsang keinginan untuk mencapai sesuatu yang lebih baik.

Gambar-gambar yang terpilih akan diletakkan di kedai konsep JOHO dan/atau kedai-kedai terpilih dan akan ditukar melalui partisipasi ahli-ahli JOHO yang menyahut cabaran kami untuk ke depan. Waktu pameran untuk projeck ini ialah dua bulan.

Gambar-gambar untuk projek ini adalah untuk dijual. Bagi sesiapa yang berminat untuk membeli gambar tersebut sila hubungi JOHO melalui email. 10% daripada hasil jualan akan diberikan kepada kebajikan.

Untuk semua jurugambar yang berminat untuk menyertai projek ini, anda boleh menghantar gambar anda bersaiz kecil kepada JOHO di Tiada tema tertentu untuk gambar-gambar tersebut asalkan ia ada kena mengena dengan Johor.

Gambar-gambar dari jurugambar yang terpilih untuk projek Bingkai Gambo JOHO yang pertama boleh dilihat di atas.

"Continue to be inspired"

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We tease

For avid fans of JOHO, you guys must have known about our plan to open a concept store soon. We can't let you know the exact location just yet, but here are some teasers for you guys. Can you guys guess where we are? :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Photo JOHO: Places

Credit: Anith Samat
Where: Madrid

Credit: Anith Samat
Where: Madrid

credit: Hafizal Johari
Where: Warong Saga, Johor Bahru
Description: This is Mr. Ismail, the owner of the famous Warong Saga which located at Jalan Mahmoodiah

Credit: Reza Mohamed
Where: City Square, Johor Bahru

Credit: Reza Mohamed
Where: Danga Bay

Credit: Reza Mohamed
Where: Stesyen Keretapi Tanah Melayu, Johor Bahru

Credit: Reza Mohamed
Where: Pesta Layang-Layang, Pasir Gudang

Credit: Reza Mohamed
Where: Batu Pahat Mall, Batu Pahat

Credit: Reza Mohamed
Where: Batu Layar

Credit: Reza Mohamed
Where: Plaza Kotaraya

Credit: Reza Mohamed
Where: Tanjung Piai, Kukup, Pontian

Credit: Reza Mohamed
Where: Tanjung Piai, Kukup, Pontian

Credit: Reza Mohamed
Where: Danga Bay

Credit: Reza Mohamed
Where: Kampung Sungai Senibong

Credit: Siapekah Aku?
Where: Pantai Desaru, Bandar Penawar, Joho
Description: Desaru has become popular with tourists who wish to see a true Malay resort without for-tourists frills, and it's likely to get a major fillip in 2010 once the much-delayed expressway from Johor Bahru is completed.

Credit: Hunaidi Ismail
Where: Zoo Johor, Johor Bahru
for more pictures of the zoo, click here.

Credit: Azrafe Zaky
Where: Wonderspace, Taman Mawar, Pasir Gudang
for more pictures of Wonderspace, click here.

Credit: Siapekah Aku?
Where: Pantai Senggarang, Batu Pahat
Description: The people of Batu Pahat called this as Sungai Lurus (Straight River) and the name Senggarang referred to a wild crocodile named Sang Garang.

Credit: Siapekah Aku?
Where: Johor Bahru
Description: The picture was taken on the rooftop of CIQ using handphone camera. This is the result of 11 pictures meshed together to create quite a brilliant panorama of Johor Bahru central

Where: Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya
For more pictures of Puteri Harbour, click here.

Where: Kota Tinggi Waterfalls, Kota Tinggi

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Promos: April & May 2010

Life of a Fighter, a photo exhibition
When: April 2 to May 1, 2010
Where: Lost Malaya, Johor Bahru

Junk Sale
When: April 23, 2010
Where: Plaza Sentosa
Time: 6pm to 11.30pm

IMCE 2010 Iskandar Malaysia Career EXPO
When: April 24 & 25, 2010
Where: EXPO Hall, Danga City Mall, Johor Bahru

Jog-Walk-Wheelathon & Mini Karnival
When: April 25, 2010
Where: Spastic Children’s Association of Johor, Jalan Dato Menteri, Johor Bahru
Time: 8am to 1pm
Organizer:The Spastic Children’s Association of Johor

Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia Travel Fair
When: April 27 & 28 , 2010
Where: City Square, Johor Bahru
Time: 10am-10pm

Ends of Days, a photo exhibition
When: May 2 to June 20, 2010
Where: Lost Malaya Gallery & Lounge
Opening time: 3pm onwards

Iskandar Malaysia Open Day
When: May 1 & 2, 2010
Where: IOI Mall, Kulai
Time: 10am - 9pm

GP Joran Bagus 2010 - Fishing Grand Prix (Sungai Lurus)
When: May 16, 2010
Where: Sungai Lurus, Senggarang
Time: 8am - 1pm
Organizer: Joran Bagus Sdn. Bhd.
Contact: Mr. Wahid Bin Mohd. (Hp: 013-708 7576) / Mr. Hafiz Bin Idris (Hp: 017-738 4108)

GP Joran Bagus Fishing Competition (Pantai Sekakap)
When: May 23, 2010
Where: Pantai Sekakap, Johor
Time: 8am - 1pm
Organizer: Joran Bagus Sdn. Bhd.
Contact: Mr. Wahid Bin Mohd. (Hp: 013-708 7576) / Mr. Hafiz Bin Idris (Hp: 017-738 4108)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wear with pride

We have been calling out to all JOHO lovers who have purchased our Series 01 Limited Edition t-shirt to snap a photo of themselves wearing the tee.

JOHO would like to give our big kudos to those who are not afraid to accept our challenge and have make an effort to show the rest of JOHO that you are wearing the tee with pride. Big thanks. You guys are made of awesomesauce.

Credit to: donny, Sems Tria, Ridayu Snorthecocaine, Izu Din, Mynn Bachok and her friend, Farhan Jazzeble, Rem.Munir, IrSyade Khan and Mia Reiko & Marn Takahara

Credit to: dodol, Sems Tria , Zara, Dfan Ava, Wan, Akmal Sapian, Suhaimi Zahid, Hamixan, Shamsul Anuar & Asmah, Azman and Anith Samat

The best is yet to come though. For example, we have Qusyair doing a review of the tee here:

This is exactly the kind of effort that JOHO wants to instill within the heart of JOHO lovers. To make things happened, you have to take the first step. The time for change in attitude has come =)

It is never to late to send us the photo of you wearing the tee and let the rest of us knows that you are proud to be JOHO lovers.


Credit: Yusri Bachok
Title: Selamat Pagi Warga JOHO

Credit: Fe Ilyas

JOHO plate
Feel free to grab this and spam your pictures with JOHO :)

Credit: Norhamimah Barema
Where: SPAM! at Roost Bistro, The Zone
When: January 1, 2010
Description: The cup cake that you get for free when you donate for Sekolah Anak-Anak Yatim Kluang

Credit: Azrafe Zaky
Where: Danga Bay, Johor Bahru

Credit: Yusri Bachok
Title: The future of Danga Bay

Credit: Yusri Bachok
Title: I ♥ JOHO
Idea: Boyd Fadzlee

Credit: Yusri Bachok
Title: Your Light

Credit: kluxorious kluxces
Title: The Minions

Credit: Yusri Bachok
Title: JOHO Informatif
Artist: Avatar

Credit: Wandi Volta
Where: Danga Bay, Johor Bahru
Title: Kuda ku lari gagah berani

Credit: Azrafe Zaky
Where: Rebirth Bundle, Plaza Seni, Johor Bahru


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