Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wear with pride

We have been calling out to all JOHO lovers who have purchased our Series 01 Limited Edition t-shirt to snap a photo of themselves wearing the tee.

JOHO would like to give our big kudos to those who are not afraid to accept our challenge and have make an effort to show the rest of JOHO that you are wearing the tee with pride. Big thanks. You guys are made of awesomesauce.

Credit to: donny, Sems Tria, Ridayu Snorthecocaine, Izu Din, Mynn Bachok and her friend, Farhan Jazzeble, Rem.Munir, IrSyade Khan and Mia Reiko & Marn Takahara

Credit to: dodol, Sems Tria , Zara, Dfan Ava, Wan, Akmal Sapian, Suhaimi Zahid, Hamixan, Shamsul Anuar & Asmah, Azman and Anith Samat

The best is yet to come though. For example, we have Qusyair doing a review of the tee here:

This is exactly the kind of effort that JOHO wants to instill within the heart of JOHO lovers. To make things happened, you have to take the first step. The time for change in attitude has come =)

It is never to late to send us the photo of you wearing the tee and let the rest of us knows that you are proud to be JOHO lovers.


  1. credit to sis klux juge~

  2. tggu saya balik JB amek JOHO tshirt k ! :D

  3. credit to semua warga JOHO for making this happened, Dfan :)

  4. camna cara nk beli t-shirt ni??

  5. email ke JOHO enchek Useriez. Tapi sekarang yang ada cuma size XL. Yang lain dah sold-out

  6. peh useriez.. ko pon join JOHO gak?? haha.. chare2.. nti boleh tgk gmbr bnyk2 post kt cni.. hehe..

  7. Im So Proudto to be JOHO REAN - Suzana SHAH ALAM



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