Thursday, April 1, 2010

Siren's Nite with Starbuck

Siren's Nite was an event that everyone looked forward to. The first gathering at SPAM! was a huge success and everyone wanted the chance to gather again and enjoy the performance scheduled for Siren's Nite.

Siren's Nite is a collaboration between Starbucks, The Zone and JOHO. The concept was to gather JOHO lovers at one place so we all can chill and enjoy each other's company without discrimination while being entertained by Johor's local bands that were sure to rock the house with their acoustic performances.

In conjunction with Siren's Nite, JOHO has launched it's BINGKAI GAMBO JOHO project. The purpose of the project is to support local talents in photography thus making it an inspiration for the newer generation. We are making a point that life itself is inspiring if you just take a few minutes to capture and appreciate the moments. By sharing such moments, we hope to stimulate the desires to achieve greater heights.

The pictures will be regulated through participation from JOHO lovers who accept our challenge to place themselves forward. 10% out of the sales will be given to charity.

The preparation for the night took three weeks to complete and thanks to God, we managed to have the event with little hassles. Kudos to everyone involved. You guys made it possible.

JOHO crew were already at the scene as early as 3pm on that day to make sure that everything was ready for Siren's Nite. By 7pm everything is ready to go. JOHO lovers started to arrive, with everyone looking so rad. At 8pm sharp, the event started off with Statik taking the stage to entertain us all.

Their performances were mellow and cool, setting the right mood for those who came. People has taken their place inside the Starbucks, some were sitting on the floor to enjoy the songs while the rest of them standing with Starbucks drink in their hands.

After Statik, came the announcement for the first lucky draw winner. The night then continued with performances from the Bluebirds. They took the stage with their attitude and afro, mesmerizing the audience with their songs.

After the Bluebirds performed their third songs, Wandi, the MC for Siren's Nite announced the winner for the second lucky draw. By this time everyone was already inside the Starbucks as Azrafe Zaky took the mic to address the crowd. He got a big round of applause and when he announced who will be on the stage next, the crowd went wild because it was none other than Plague of Happiness.

Plague of Happiness was scheduled to perform 3 songs but ended up performing six songs for the audience including their newest tracks: Hasrat and Useless Enemy. The crowd however kept on chanting for more but they just have to settle for only six. Plague of Happiness really are the life of a party.

Siren's Nite ended with the last lucky draw winner announced. After that the crowd started to disperse. Some stayed to mingle and said hi to other JOHO lovers and took pictures for memories.

It was a blast, for sure! Thanks to all JOHO lovers who came and supported us. You guys rawk!

pictures credited to Reez MonoStatix

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