Monday, May 16, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is JOHO?
JOHO is a creative/active community consists of the new generation of Johor. It creates platform for them to express themselves whether it is about arts, culture, films, sports, music and any other matters that related to this lifestyle. In other words, JOHO is created to help bring forward the talented people of Johor in a more relevant way and suitable for the modern yet still within our cultures. At the same time, making JOHO as a trusted brand name that uphold the true meaning of quality in the most workable method.

2. How to be a part of JOHO?
You are already a part of JOHO when you feel a strong sense of needs for creative input and output. You have to be an open-minded person who are willing to create changes and put aside political views and racial issues, only then we all will be able understand the needs for unity and how patriotism does play an important role to stabilize the community mentally and economically.

3. How do I become one of the JOHO lovers?
You can be a JOHO lover by joining our facebook (search JOHO) or our portal.

4. How do I get up-to-date with JOHO?
We usually update the "what's going on with JOHO" through several channels: JOHO blog, facebook JOHO, JOHOtv, flickr and Twitter. You guys can also come personally to JOHO Concept Store for first hand information.

5. How to get in contact with JOHO?
You can email us at You can also contact us at 07-2210628.

6. How many JOHO lovers are there?
So far the amount of JOHO lovers is around 10000 members and counting.

7. What are the JOHO activities?
We do events for JOHO lovers that appreciate the arts, music and other lifestyle related matters such as acoustic shows from events like SPAM! and Siren's Nite featuring local bands as well as photography exhibitions featuring local photographers like the Bingkai Gambo JOHO project. Don't missed out our monthly Car Boot Sale that happens every first Sunday of the month. We also do film screening through Sinema Karung Guni. There will be lots of other events in the future from JOHO, targeted specially for the new generation of Johor. These events are open for all. We want our members to be active.

8. What is JOHO concept store?
JOHO has move a step forward thanks to all the support from JOHO lovers. We have opened a concept store that will sell all the merchandise from JOHO. You are cordially invited to visit and chillaxing with us. Wear JOHO with pride.

9. Where is JOHO concept store located?
JOHO concept store is located at No 9, Jalan Skudai, 80200 Johor Bahru. We share the same compound with Lost Malaya. The buildings are located near M-Suite Hotel and besides the Japan Club of Johor.

10. What is the operation hour for JOHO concept store?
We open the store from 10am to 9pm on Monday to Friday. On Sunday we open at 2pm to 9pm. We are closed on Saturday.

11. Is there a map to go to JOHO concept store?
Yes, there is.


  1. nak tanye la.. macm mane JOHO dtubuhkan??? n mcm mane leh dapat idea nak menubuhkan JOHO????

  2. Kalau nak jawab soalan ni panjang lebar la zeyy. Why don't you come to our concept store pastu kita leh borak panjang :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. JOHO ni ditubuhkan tahun 2009..idea dia dtg sbb bdk2 JOHO nk bt something yg best untuk bdk2 Johor..nak kasi ceria johorean..concept lebih kurang urbanscapes..ok, yg ni apa yg bebudak dia explain kat sy la..naisss ^_^



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