Tuesday, May 3, 2011

JOHO CarBootSale May 2011

salam and hello JOHOlovers!

This will be our 6th CBS since the 1st time we do this. After seeing this teaser JOHO harap korang bleh SHARE kan link ni untuk kawan-kawan anda and we hope by now everyone dah boleh appreciate and respect this initiatives. JOHO nak mengucapkan thanks to all participants yg dah join CBS from day 1 till last month and to those yang tak jemu2 hadir to this event we would like to say thank you and we really appreciate your supports and lets build this up together cause this is ours wholefully.

Be prepared for more events and merchandise from JOHO after this and jom datang SABTU ni!



credits : Amirul Izwan/Razaisyam Rashid

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