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BICARAWARA 18th April 2011: The Review

This is an article worth reading.
Please read through this whole article because you’ll be one of the first people to get to know what Iskandar Malaysia has to offer us, JOHOREANS.


A simple word yet has a definition as vast as the entire ocean, so deep even the word ‘bottomless’ is an understatement and so pure the fresh morning light is the equal.

JOHO had the chance to attend a small conference held by Iskandar Malaysia on April 18 2011. The conference entitled “Bicarawara: Alam Bina Warisan Kita” put forward the plans and strategies that will be realized by the government and other related agencies in building back the glory of JB’s heritage buildings and architecture. The guest speakers were people of influence, experience and knowledge. We were very lucky to be able to listen to the wisdom passed on by these wonderful people:

Pn Maimunah Jaffar, SVP, Integrated Planning, IRDA
Topic: Pelan Induk Ciri-ciri Tempatan (Area Character Statement)

Hj Md Ismail Zamzam from Yayasan Warisan Johor
Topic: Penerapan Ciri-ciri Kejohoran dalam Pembangunan (Embracing Johor elements in Development)

Prof Amran Hamzah
Topic: Alam Bina dan Ekonomi (Buildings and Economy)

YM Ar Hjh Nor Aini bt Juffery
Topic: Warisan dan lanskap (Heritage and landscape)

En Mohd Talha bin Abd Rahman
Topic: Warisan:Kebanggaan dan Nilai Setempat (Heritage:Value, Our Pride and Identity)

Pn. Hjh Aishah
Topic: Bangunan dan Manusia (Buildings and Human)

En Hamdan bin Abd Jamal
Topic: Warisan dan seni bina Johor (Johor heritage and architecture)

The mini conference was an eye opener because it deepens our LOVE to this proud country where heritage is something so priceless, it created us, Johoreans with identity.

“A country without heritage is like a man without memory”
- Speaker 7, Bicarawara Siri 2, 2011

So people ask, how do you build or preserve the soul of Johor in its buildings and architecture? If there exist such term as “Johorization”, that would be an accurate answer. Iskandar Malaysia is planning to include Johor elements in its developments in order to “johorize” and emphasize the sense of identity in the buildings and architecture. A massive agenda by Iskandar Malaysia called “Pelan Induk Ciri-ciri Tempatan” has been planned and soon will be executed for the development of Johor Bahru city.

So what this massive government plan has got to offer us, the youths of Johor? What benefits will this plan offer us? JOHO is proud to be the youth’s representative during that day but we are more delighted that we are able to share the information with you guys, young bloods who crave for something fresh and relevant in JB scene.

From the conference, here are some of the future plans that are waiting for us.

The re-opening of Sungai Segget.
Prepare to go back down the memory lane. Major conservation of Sungai Segget will take place to re-open the historical river and re-create a new, clean atmosphere of Sungai Segget.

Kota Budaya Johor Bahru: Rimba Warisan Tanjug Puteri
Located at the old Custom site. An educational, recreational and leisure park that homes 5 themed parks; Taman Akal Budi,Taman Istiadat, Taman Cerita, Taman Herba and Taman Makanan & Ulaman.

Construction of Tapak Warisan Johor along Sungai Johor.

Major conservation to refine and preserve heritage buildings in Jalan Pahang, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Jalan Trus and Jalan Dhoby.
Some impressive preservation and refinement of old buildings have already taken place, i.e unique eating places like Roost Juice Bar, Eats and Beats and not forgetting the place for youths in JB nowadays can shop for fashion such as TGND and the Scandalist.

JB as a city of arts, heritage and culture and Iskandar Malaysia as beautiful waterfront city.

Johor used to be a country full of souls. Johor is a prosperous country that houses talented icons, arts, cultures and heritage. The uniqueness of Johor is unlimited. Johoreans are blessed with rare, scrumptious foods like soto, nasi ambeng, mee rebus, tempe, sambal goreng, and the list goes on. We have the most beautiful traditional dances and music like Zapin, Kuda Kepang, Ghazal and Gamelan. Our youths are somewhat special from youths from other countries. Besides the 2-session schooling system, 10 years back most of the youths know how to Zapin and how to Joget. A significant number of lucky youths might even seen actual Kuda Kepang at a very young age. And it is relevant to say that because of these uniqueness of Johor, it is a home full of people with strong classical souls. So what if people are using iPads now instead of bulky computers, BB instead of Nokia 3310, listening to indie pop instead of Keroncong? A true Johorean never lost his/her vintage taste and classic soul.

Now the time has come, after a long quiet years, Johor is on its way back to shine its glory. At last the EVOLUTION AND REVOLUTION of Johor, or specifically JB, are going to take place real soon. JOHO is giving our full support to all of the relevant changes and we hope that the precious youths of JB will also do their part. JB youths have so much to offer and this is the time to prove them that we also can be a positive agent of change. With love, trust and respect, let’s outlive the spirit of being the Johorean souls.

In short JOHO seriously want youths to start to take issues related to Arts, Heritage and Culture seriously so that the new generation of Johor Darul Takzim will never lost their 'SOUL' and relive the pride and respect to our beautiful state regardless of any districts around Johor.

credits : Iskandar Malaysa
text and reviews : Najwa Karim

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This is the second year Iskandar Malaysia organizing Bicarawara, a platform for speakers to voice their opinions for the development of Johor as a State. Just like last year, Bicarawara 2011 took place at the majestic Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim at Bukit Timbalan on 18th April 2011 and JOHO was honored to be invited for such important event.

Full report is coming soon. For the time being, enjoy these pictures that were taken on the day of Bicarawara.

Photos credit to Amirul Izwan.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Car Boot Sale: May 2011 - The Booters

Date: 7 May 2011
Venue: JOHO Concept Store and Lost Malaya
Time: 1pm - 7pm

Here are the list of booters that will take part for this edition of Car Boot Sale:

Cawan Hati
allen kim & myrara
it's che ann & joo
The Good Old Things
Gerobok Klasik
Zinc Collection
zero one heroes
the preloved project 2
arnab johor
Beginner Diver
chelak preloved
"The Keeper"
my mobile shop
stooky design
mak etam
The Scandalist
ascella collection
Shiro Joy

Anot Edora
Eunose's accessories
eeya shop
Faza Blossomluv
Chantique Ayshenemo
bigfoot industries / sempoi boogie
s&s butik
jarum benang

Food and Beverages
Yummy Tummy
Nasi Lemak Kukus KOMBI
modjo jojo
kedai jajan

If you are interested to be one of the booters, there are still few spaces left so hurry up and send an email to us at with the title CBS. Please provide your "shop name", the item you are selling, your name and contact number.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Car Boot Sale: May 2011

JOHO brings you Car Boot Sale May edition. Car Boot Sale is a monthly event that JOHO organized for the people of Johor in general and the community of JOHO in particular. It takes place every first Sunday of the month. Like the name suggested, the sales are done with cars lining up and use their car boot to display the merchandises they want to sell from DIY products to their own clothing line brands.

The details of the upcoming Car Boot Sale are as follows:

Date: May 7, 2011
Time: 1pm - 7pm
Venue: JOHO Concept Store & Lost Malaya
Entrance free

For those who wants to participate for the upcoming Car Boot Sale (as a car boot seller), please send us an email at with CBS as it's title. Please include your name, contact number, your 'shop' name and type of merchandises you are selling. We will pick the most relevant booters.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Larian Hijau Bandaraya 2011

In conjunction with Earth Day, MBJB is organizing LARIAN HIJAU BANDARAYA JOHOR BAHRU 2011 on Sunday 24th April 2011 at Bukit Timbalan.

The tag line for the run is RUN + RECYCLE = GREEN. On top of promoting healthy lifestyle, this event is targeting to educate the public on recycle as well, in order to keep the event venue clean.

The route will cover only 3km, starts and ends at Bukit Timbalan. First 100 participants will receive the limited edition Larian Hijau T-Shirt. So fill up the form and register early during the day or submit it to MBJB before the day.

To participate, you need to bring a min of 0.5kg recyclable item (e-waste is also acceptable) as the entrance fees. There are prizes and lucky draw to be won. The more you bring the recyclable items, the higher chances for you to win the lucky draw.

As a responsible Johorean, we urge you to participate for the best of your health as well as to show our true support towards GREEN.

Together we run, together we save the EARTH!

It’s not about us, it’s about you and the EARTH!

For details, log on to


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