Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ride for Charity: A Moment to Remember

On the 26th of March 2011,JOHO and Southernfixed collaborated with the help of Iskandar Malaysia and supported by Starbucks,CrossOver and GripReaper in a memorable event that had everyone elevated to another place. A place where only those who participate knew. On that day everyone witnessed the beauty of Unity,Trust and Love.

Ride For Charity from johobaru on Vimeo.

We hope that this event will be an eye opener to all youth around Johor and Malaysia to start involving in charity works and to remember those who really need us most. We were blessed with great weather and supports from PBSM and two very nice Policemen who stayed until everyone reached from point A to Rumah Barkat Johor (orphanage home) and back to where we started.

Thanks to those who participated and thanks to those who came all the way from within and outside of Johor to be with us on that day,no words can describe how thankful we are to you.We hope that the next 'Ride for Charity' will be bigger and will travel all over Johor or maybe even Malaysia.

with Love,Trust and Respect

JOHO x Southernfixed

Song : Mumford & Sons - The Cave


  1. nice vid...lagu apa ek background die??

  2. by the way bravo for the crew and participants~

  3. yeah! the best! buat lagi la next time

  4. luq, tu ada bagi credits lagu tu kat atas tu :)



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