Friday, November 26, 2010

Showcase Teaser

Showcase Teaser from johobaru on Vimeo.

JOHO Showcase happening this 28th November 2010 at XeX, The Zon from 3pm to finish.

See you guys there!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Introducing the Local Drug Store

introducing / jumpa: Local Drug Store from johobaru on Vimeo.

Bandung's electronica / techno / rock upstarts Local Drug Store dropped in Johor Bahru last October and performed an exclusive DJ set at Roost Bistro. A quick chat with their frontman, Dimas at JOHO concept store. Camera & edit by Amirul Izwan.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

JOHO showcase

Sekali lagi, JOHO dengan kerjasama dari C&M Music Centre dan XeX beserta gabungan bands² terbaik dari Johor membawakan anda the Showcase yang akan berlangsung pada 28 November 2010 dari pukul 3 petang sehingga la selesai majlis. Showcase ini akan bertempat di XeX, The Zon dan harga kepuasan hanya RM15 seorang.

Pasti selepas GEGO anda semua rindu dengan band² ni kan? Antara yang akan menggegarkan XeX pada malam itu ialah

Make sure you mark your calendar. You don't want to miss this. See you guys there!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

We are looking for writers

Hello JOHO lovers

Do you love arts, music, TV, films, comics, sports, games, gadgets and all thing cool? Do you spend tons of time on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites sharing info and opinions with friends? Are you a good writer and have a passion for sharing your insight and opinions in a comprehensive and cohesive manner? If so, we want to talk to you because we are looking for motivated and creative writers.

We are giving you a platform to showcase your talent, get published and realize the full lifetime value of your content. As usual, you get credited under the post title.

If you have something to review and/or write about (everything and anything that you think is relevant to JOHO movement), feel free to drop us a line at our email. Please include two sample posts or a link to your own previous work for consideration. We’ll get in touch with you if we think you’ve got what it takes.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

JOHO fanpage

Are you a fan?

If your answer is yes, JOHO have created a fanpage at the ever so popular Facebook. Like us to show your support and how big of a fan you are.

More is still to come. Are you guys ready for 2011?

Picture credits to Yusri Bachok

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Program Keusahawanan dan Modal Insan Industri Multimedia Kreatif Iskandar Malaysia (WANITA)

Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) and a collaboration with Institut Keusahawanan Negara (INSKEN) under the Ministry of International Trade Industry are launching 2 programs which are

  • Meningkatkan Modal Insan Multimedia Kreatif
  • Meningkatkan Usahawan Multimedia Kreatif.

MITI has been so generous as to sponsor the whole 3 days (Fully Residential) programs at Pandan City Academy starting from 9 to 11 November 2010. These programs will be launched by MITI and IRDA. All costs for food, accommodation and traveling to Hotel pandan City are fully paid for by INSKEN. Other agency partners such as MDec and Warisan Global are also joining in to ensure the success of these programs.

There are only limited 30 places offered for female bumiputera from Iskandar Malaysia and Johor. They will learn the technicality in Creative Multimedia as well as Entrepreneurship in Creative Multimedia Industry. For those who are committed and can produced exceptional work output, they will be chosen through certain competitions and will be given a GRANT as a starter and an opportunity to showcase their work at DISNEY CHANNEL, CARTOON NETWORK, ASTRO and the likes.

These programs start at 10am on 9 November 2010 at Ballroom, Pandan City Hotel and end at 6pm on 11 November 2010.

Venue: BALLROOM, Pandan City Hotel, PANDAN, Johor Bahru, JOHOR

Time: 10:00 am (9 November 2010) - 11 November 2010 (6 pm) - Workshop

Agenda :
10:00 am (9 November 2010) : Registration
3 pm (9 November 2010) : Program launching

If you are a female bumiputera or know a female bumiputera between the age of 18-30 years old and have the passion for Creative Multimedia, please send their name, IC number, contact number and email address to

1. Cik Ibnu Hidayah email : or 07-233-3000/013-3831966
2. Cik Atikah di email : or 07-233-3000/019-7557132

Monday, November 8, 2010

JOHO Car Boot Sales (Bukak Bonet)

When: November 14, 2010
Where: JOHO Concept Store and Lost Malaya
Time: 3pm till end
Free admission

What is carboot sales? Carboot sales ni kira jual barang dari bonet kereta. There will be barangan DIY, terpakai, vintage, etc. Other people's junks might be of some value to you :)

Here are the list of bonet kereta yang akan participate on that day:

  1. Gerobok Klasik
  2. The Good Old Things
  3. Wonderstuff
  4. Etnik Anak Beranak
  5. The Pre-loved Project
  6. Pondok-pondok
  7. Scandalist
  8. Gadis-gadis
  9. Iez Closset
  10. Mak Etam Esc
  11. Roost
  12. BiG
  13. Bast
  14. Halin
  15. Ms Irene
  16. Life in Technicolor

Since most of you guys are camera fanatics, please do bring your weapon. There will be a photo competition titled "Shot of the Day" on that day. Sampai bila nak simpan bakat, kan?

For any inquiries, feel free to email us at or call us at 07-2210628.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Daerah Tanpa Tie

Listen up peeps! You have nothing to do during the long weekend? Why not go to Kluang on 6th November 2010 to participate with Daerah Tanpa Tie activities on that day!

Daerah Tanpa Tie promised lots of activities on that Saturday which include

  • Vespa and Antique Cars exhibitions
  • Graffiti
  • Photography exhibitions
  • Lomography
  • T-shirts and Bundle sales
  • Skateboard competitions
  • BMX demo
  • Short movie screening and many more!

There will even be a special guest appearance. A. Samad Said will join the guys from Daerah Tanpa Tie so be sure not to miss this opportunity to meet with the country most reknown poet and novelist.

The location: Behind the Kluang Parade.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Events: November & December 2010

When: November 5-7, 2010
Where: Expo@Danga City Mall

JOHO Carboot Sales (Bukak Bonet)
When: November 14, 2010
Where: JOHO Concept Store and Lost Malaya
Time: 3pm till end
Free admission

KPDNHEP Exhibition
When: November 12-14, 2010
Where: Persada Johor

Johor Furniture Fair Nov 2010
When: November 19-21, 2010
Where: Persada Johor

Johor - Singapore 2nd Link Bridge Run
When: November 27, 2010
Where: 2nd Link

JOHO showcase
When: November 28, 2010
Where: XeX Bistro, The Zon
Organizer: JOHO
Admission fee: RM15

Popular Mega Book Fair
When: November 25 - December 5, 2010
Where: EXPO@Danga City Mall

Event Masters PC Expo 2010
When: Dec 3-5, 2010
Where: Persada Johor
Organizer: Event Masters

International Graffiti Festival Around the Globe (Meeting of Style)
When: December 4 & 5, 2010
Where: Sungai Klang, Kuala Lumpur

FACON Exhibition Fair 2010
When: December 10-12
Where: Persada Johor
Organizer: FACON

Malaysia 3rd Chocolate Fair 2010
When: December 17-19, 2010
Time: 11am - 9pm
Where: Expo@Danga City Mall

Promos: November & December 2010

ChotTouch Street Tour (JB)
When: November 6, 2010
Price: RM400
Price per booking - RM100.00
Contact: Mr Adi 019-7966796

Tug of War Competition
When: Nov 17 - 19, 2010
Organizer: Pasir Gudang Municipal Council

Metrojaya Shopping Carnival
When: November 17-21, 2010
Where: Expo@Danga City Mall

Causeway Scrabble Challenge 2010
When: Dec 2-6, 2010
Where: The Zon Regency Hotel
Organizer: Johor Bahru City Council, Johor Tourism Department,Scrabble Association
Contact: 07-2282525


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