Monday, November 8, 2010

JOHO Car Boot Sales (Bukak Bonet)

When: November 14, 2010
Where: JOHO Concept Store and Lost Malaya
Time: 3pm till end
Free admission

What is carboot sales? Carboot sales ni kira jual barang dari bonet kereta. There will be barangan DIY, terpakai, vintage, etc. Other people's junks might be of some value to you :)

Here are the list of bonet kereta yang akan participate on that day:

  1. Gerobok Klasik
  2. The Good Old Things
  3. Wonderstuff
  4. Etnik Anak Beranak
  5. The Pre-loved Project
  6. Pondok-pondok
  7. Scandalist
  8. Gadis-gadis
  9. Iez Closset
  10. Mak Etam Esc
  11. Roost
  12. BiG
  13. Bast
  14. Halin
  15. Ms Irene
  16. Life in Technicolor

Since most of you guys are camera fanatics, please do bring your weapon. There will be a photo competition titled "Shot of the Day" on that day. Sampai bila nak simpan bakat, kan?

For any inquiries, feel free to email us at or call us at 07-2210628.

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