Saturday, November 20, 2010

We are looking for writers

Hello JOHO lovers

Do you love arts, music, TV, films, comics, sports, games, gadgets and all thing cool? Do you spend tons of time on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites sharing info and opinions with friends? Are you a good writer and have a passion for sharing your insight and opinions in a comprehensive and cohesive manner? If so, we want to talk to you because we are looking for motivated and creative writers.

We are giving you a platform to showcase your talent, get published and realize the full lifetime value of your content. As usual, you get credited under the post title.

If you have something to review and/or write about (everything and anything that you think is relevant to JOHO movement), feel free to drop us a line at our email. Please include two sample posts or a link to your own previous work for consideration. We’ll get in touch with you if we think you’ve got what it takes.


  1. is this a full time job requiring permanent presence or is it something we can do from home?

  2. yeah...ada tamat tempoh x benda ni??
    nnt bhn2 yg diberikan akan di publish di mn??
    aku takit di tipu seperti dlu...
    so, tnya detail la skit...sorry k??

  3. Zara, why not?

    Nazmi, all we need is your article. No need to be around 24/7 :)

    as for the rest of the questions, please email us so boleh kitorang bagitau the details

  4. Apa lagi, send la email kat kitorang



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