Thursday, December 9, 2010

Got Books? Donate it for Charity

Want to get rid of your used books?

JOHO is looking for good hearted peeps who'd like to repurpose their used books while also helping the needy. Instead of the books collecting dusts, send them to us so we can donate it to Rumah Seri Kenangan and Rumah Barkat Bukit Chagar, both are houses for the orphanages.

This program is ongoing and donations can be made by the public at any time at JOHO concept store. The books donations will be used to expand the house library and provide the orphanages with current reference, research, and literature materials.

But please note that we're unable to accept newspapers or catalogs. Also, please make sure that the books you donate are intended to be donated, as we cannot locate & return donated books after they have been donated.

If you have any questions, please call us at 07-2210628 or email us at


  1. Is this still ongoing..if so, where do I send it to?


  2. Yes. Send it to JOHO Concept Store



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