Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Car Boot Sales: Youth Shout Out

IOI Mall Kulaijaya with JOHO are bringing Car Boot Sales to Kulaijaya on October 8 and 9, 2011. Car Boot Sales is a monthly event that JOHO organized for the people of Johor in general and the community of JOHO in particular. Like the name suggested, the sales are done with cars lining up and use their car boot to display the merchandises they want to sell from DIY products to their own clothing line brands.

Date: October 8 & 9, 2011
Time: 3pm - 10pm on Saturday and 10am - 6pm on Sunday
Venue: IOI Mall Kulaijaya
Entrance free

Youth Shout Out at IOI Mall Kulai.

1. Hustler Outlet Store
2. Pretty Wardrobe
3. The Dead wardrobe
5. The Hullabaloo Store
6. Ayien Noor Collections
7. Third Castle
8. 2nd junction
9. Atie Bundle
10. Rising Sun Bundle
11. Stooky Design
12. Zero One Heroes
13. Air Botol Sudin
14. The Scandalist
15. Psychedelics
16. Galaxy Bundle
17. 27th Friday
18. Bundle Olok-Olok
19. Bigfoot Industries
20. Gerobok Klasik
21. Shop Me Holics
22. Eighty Three
23. Hari-hari penuh
24. Nom Nom treats
25. Chelaq Preloved
26. Drop Buy
27. Koleksi bhoolan
28. Bigfoot bunt
29. Mama best food ind
30. Psycho Social Combat
31. That
32. Alicia Stage
33. Fipper JB

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