Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Collection | Lanyard 0.2 | Limited Edition

Hello Joholovers!!

Lanyard JOHO 0.2 is in stock NOW! After 500 "likes" through Facebook we have agreed to release this for just RM 10.00 instead of RM12 (thank you for your participations joholovers)

ONLINE ORDERS: Drop your email to johoconcept@gmail.com

POSTAGE FEES (optional)

- RM 5.00 thru poslaju (wajib for 3 lanyards purchase and above )

- FREE SHIPPING THRU normal pos pakai setem (maximum 2 lanyard..kalau pos xsampai, maaf kami tidak bertanggungjawab tak boleh la check lokasi sbb takde tracking no)

0.2 is LIMITED,kalau habis you have to wait for 0.3 and 0.4 nanti.

0.5 "special edition" will be GLOW IN THE DARK. (get ready)


  1. kalau nak order GLOW IN THE DARK kat sini macam mana? (amranphotography@gmail.com)



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