Wednesday, March 21, 2012

JOHO latest merchandise March 2012 (Online)

Salam and hello to all

Here is the collection for this month that you can made available to your doorsteps, email us at for orders.

Passport Holder
Price : RM45
Material : Synthethic Leather

Price : RM55.00
Material : Synthetic Leather

JOHO keychain (in black)
Price : RM12

We also have a few left of our lanyards (blue and red) to be included to your order and the price is RM10 for each.

Wordballoon Car Sticker in BLACK is also here and the price is RM8

Email to NOW.


  1. Aadmin..
    pls usha inbox email anda..
    sy da buat payment utk landyard two weeks ago..
    but until now tak pos lagi item..
    hari tu reply email bagi alasan korg terlepas pandang email sy..
    but until now??
    what happen?

  2. Sorry nak tanye. Kalau pos, pos fee die berape ekh?

  3. email order telah dihantar & bank in sekali. (wallet order)- 26.4.12
    #please reply my email quikly. -.-'

  4. dah seminggu aku sabar tggu barang aku. check korg punye inbox boleh tak? reply
    cakap hari tu dah pos brg aku. sampai skrg takdeee pon sampai?? duit dah bank in barang tak sampai2 lagi. tak cantik lah bro. kene tipu ke ape ni?? boleh pakai ke tak boleh pakai jualbeli online korg ni huh?



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