Monday, July 23, 2012

Buy the original

Dear JOHO lovers,

Please be informed that JOHO official apparels and merchandises are only available through JOHO booth at events, the selected stores along Jalan Dhoby and through online orders (via or ONLY). JOHO will not be held responsible for any purchases that are done using any other menthods that we have mentioned above. Please beware that it could be a scam, or non-original merchandises. 

Example of a scam that we recently found: 

it used as the transaction email. This email is NOT ours and we DID NOT advertised this

If you found any other dubious advertisement regarding JOHO's official apparels and merchandises, please let us know. Lets educate our generation that THIS IS NOT COOL.


  1. duplicate exactly like joho tee . huh banned the link please ! perosak penjenamaan joho .

  2. Bila lagi nak release merchandises lagi ni ?? =.='

  3. @arfa ash, diorang takder pun tee tu. Gambo tu dicuri dari blog JOHO. It's a SCAM. Bila bayar nanti barang tak dapat.

    @aizam, JOHO release bila time event. Datang la



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