Saturday, September 1, 2012

9th JB Arts Festival

The ninth JB Arts Festival will take place for the whole month of September 2012 starting from 1st September 2012 till 29th September 2012 at Bukit Timbalan, Johor Bahru. There will be all sorts of activities and interesting programs to celebrate the arts, with diverse selection of offerings, from music – classical, contemporary, cultural, traditional – to dance, to theatre, to comedy and anything in between. All these are open to all walks of life, including GEGO 2012 which will take place on 8th September 2012 that is organized by JOHO and supported by PAIM.
JB Arts Festival is an event that started in 2004 and has continued to bring something to look forward to for the art lovers in Johor Bahru every year. 2012 will be a bit different though since the JB Art Festival will also celebrate Malaysia Day (September 16, 2012) with shows such as Culture Malaysiana and Heritage Race.

Some of the events for 9th JB Arts Festival require admission fees (ranging from RM10 to RM60) but most of the events are for free. There will also be a hot air balloon rides for those who wants to experience the feeling of ‘floating’ in the air as well as Kidz Mania to entertain the children. So really, there is no excuse for you guys to miss out.

JB Arts Festival pride itself as not just being a festival but a lifestyle that represents who we are as Johorean; the sounds, the arts and the culture that are infused within us all. With that spirit in mind, they call out to all of you to come to the 9th JB Arts Festival this coming September.

For further information and schedule for the event, please visit their website at

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