Sunday, November 29, 2009


Entry by Nbilla Jane Riza

World most complicated music. Have you ever think about it? A fact from my current read book tells me that it is gamelan. Research by Heather Jennings, a physicist, outcomes a number from zero to one as the indicator of complexity. The closer the music came to one, the more complex it was. Gamelan got the highest value, and is above Brazillian forro, techno, jazz, and rock ‘n’ roll. Sorry to suffocating death metal and the chaos of fengtau; they are classified as noise.

Waduh! Gamelan, sayang... is the song that they play during kuda kepang! As I read the fact, it made me realized why people were so "into" the kuda kepang when the music was being played.

"Gamelan is as interesting as it is complex. There’s a mesmeric quality to gamelan, which stems from the repetitious nature of its rythms. A single chime sounds familiar and ordinary, but many chimes combined create an effect that is other-worldly and rather beautiful.” - Mark Lewis

How crazy was that? Even a Mat Salleh felt what I felt! No wonder people was possessed!

JOHO, lets watch some kuda kepang!

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