Thursday, November 12, 2009


Kluang RailCoffee

This is the best place for breakfast in Kluang. The famous menu would be it's varieties of toasted breads and ice coffee. But the menu doesn't stop there. It also offers delicious nasi lemak, and fried mee/meehoon in tiny packaging on the table.

Kluang RailCoffee has several branches around Malaysia but like any others the original remains the best not to mention cheaper.

Kluang KTM Station,
Jalan Station,
Kluang, Johor.

Business hour:
7am -12pm, 2:30 - 6pm. Closed on Thursdays.

(picture credited to Norziana loves Farrel)


Roost Juice + Bar is located at 9 Jalan Dhoby, Johor Bahru, in a double storey historical structure building aged of over 50 years old. The ambiance is of the 1970's. The food is awesome and they served popular their house juices in a small colored bucket. It is definitely something different.

The upstair dining area is linked to a boutique located next door named "The Girl Next Door" so you can dine and shop for quality selected pieces.

Business hour:
Mon - sat 12:00Pm - 4PM 6PM - 12Am
Sun 6PM - 12AM


Roost Bistro is located at The Zone and is subsidiaries of Roost Juice + Bar. The bistro belongs to Bie and Hie.

This place will serves you guys with post punk, britpop and alternative music. On Friday nights, their DJs will spin songs from Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, The Used, The Libertines and the list goes on.

With the relax ambiance, you will be sure to chill at this place as you listen to the songs being played. Not to mention that you can see all the stylish people hanging here, with all sort of fashion senses.

Be unique.

(picture credited to Azree Ismail)

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