Friday, May 14, 2010

LOMONATIC - JOHO analoguefreak

Lomo and analog camera lovers from Johor have take their stand in the photography world when they combined their forces and created a LOMONATIC - JOHO analoguefreak group on Facebook.

This group was created on April 23, 2010 and opens to all JOHO lomographers and analogue camera lovers. This group is aimed to spread the love for Lomography in Johor and be appreciative for their works of arts, where they can submit and share their photos with the rest of the group members.

They have a lot of programs lining up but the soonest is the Let's Shoot program. It is an outdoor outing dedicated to the group members. The details of the program will be announced soon. Be sure to check out JOHO and this group for updates.

JOHO endorsed their efforts!

If you are a lomographer or an owner of an analog camera, do not hesitate to join the group. You will meet people of the same interest, gather and share knowledge as well as making new friends along the way. Let's unite.

photos on poster is credited to Maureen 猫铃 Poh
LOMO photos are credit to Fazle Fad, Maureen 猫铃 Poh, Shahrul Nazree, Rem Munir, Demlola Roflcam Holga and Norah Zain.


  1. hope Lets Shoot program ni dlm bulan 6.. :)

  2. insyaAllah. Kami akan update tarikh dan masanya :)



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