Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Car Boot Sales: Perling Autoshow - The Boots

Date: 19 March 20101
Venue: Perling Mall carpark
Time: 1pm onwards

Here are the list of booters that will take part this Saturday.

JOHO Concept Store
Chantique Ayshenemo
aainaa collection
Gerobok Klasik
Cawan Hati
The Good Old Things
Mak Itam Associates
Abg Jake's Booty
The Scandalist
Mastor Wooden Arts
Wan Auto Garage
Ronin Printing
Le kurung and kebayas
Lizz Scarf

Food and Beverages
Air botol sudin
UK Ice Blandz
Amazing Cuisine
Delicious Chocolate Fountain
Nasi Lemak Kukus KOMBI

If you are interested to be one of the booters, there are still few spaces left so hurry up and send an email to us at with the title CBS. Please provide your "shop name", the item you are selling, your name and contact number.

On the same day, we are opening registration for our Ride for Charity event that will take place on 26 March 2011. If you are a rider, make sure you bring the registration fee. Tak mahal pun... RM5 jer for charity's sake.

See you guys there! Ajak semua orang Perling turun, boleh? :)


  1. mintak izin copy entry ni paste kat blog saya :)

  2. saya pun nak copy paste entry kat blog saya...saya nak ajak kawan2 saya dtg sana dan berkenalan dengan korang.....saya nak join jugak dimasa akan datang......

  3. JOM azura..u are most welcome



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