Monday, March 21, 2011

Introducing Grip Reaper

Introducing Grip Reaper, a brand that is founded by Azhar Omar. They also produced pedal straps as can be seen in the video. They aren't just name for shows. It represents who these riders are and what they believe in.

You may check out their facebook page (Grip Reaper) if you want to know more about them or directly email them at

It wasn't just the riders that got to rip the roads of johobaru city, this video has been shared around the globe as well. Who says we can't do it? These are made in johobaru, Malaysia.

Video Credits:

Director - Amirul Izwan and Azhar Omar
Director of photography - Amirul Izwan
Production crew - Farith Kamal, Jezz Anwar and Azrulhan

Riders - Firdauz Haron and Ayie Amiraizudin

Special thanks to Embrace Hall

Fisbach's Charleston Orchestra
Rise Against - Drones

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