Thursday, July 7, 2011

GEGO 2011: Fesyen Gerek and Free Ride

As usual, at every JOHO event, we have our own photographers who will be on the look out for the most fashionable persons. Don't be shy and be a sport when two of our guys approach you for a pictures. I'm sure by now you should know who these two handsome guys are :)

You guys are also welcome to bring your bike, fixed gear, skateboard, longboard, inline or whatever you guys can think of. Basikal with training wheels pun boleh. Bila lagi korang nak ride benda ni semua at Johor's most majestic building? Like I've said before, you guys are making history. Be part of it :)

Please keeps your eyes and ears open for our longboard and skateboard demos. The new lifestyle waves is incoming. Brace yourself.

See you guys tomorrow.

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