Friday, October 7, 2011

Youth Shout Out with JOHO

Hear ye hear ye to all youth in Johor. Pay attention please! Have y'all heard of the latest news buzzing around town? IOI Mall Kulaijaya and JOHO are presenting thee with Youth Shout Out event that is designed and engineered just for you guys! The event will take place for two days starting from 8th October to 9th Octover at IOI Mall Kulaijaya.

Just look at the menu! We have the appetizers of bands performances, Graffiti by The Super Sunday and the awesome Football Freestyle show down on Saturday, 8th October 2011. Then on Sunday, 9th October 2011, you will be served with more tasty and fun goodness of open mic session, photography exhibition by Kukubesi and Fixedgear Gathering. Car Boot Sale is the dessert for this course meal for the youth. Click here to check out the booters for the weekend.


SATURDAY (8/10/2011)
2pm- Event Starts
3pm- 5pm Graffiti demo
2pm- 10pm

Car Boot sales
Photography Exhibition
Indie fashion spot me

5pm-6pm Football freestyle demo by Raja Freestyle

6pm-7pm Bands (Sleepereena)
Bands (The Mixed)

7pm-8pm Break for Maghrib’s

8pm -10pm Bands (DOT)
Bands (2nd Radio)
Bands (Statik)
Bands (Priceless Stupid Box)

SUNDAY (9/10/2011)

Car Boot Sales
Photography Exhibition
Fixed Gear gathering

12.30 pm Fixed Gear Clinic by Wightset! Team

2.30 pm Photography Talk By KUKUBESI
Fixed Gear Open Ride

3.30pm-6pm Open Mic Session

4pm-6pm Fixed Games and Demo by Wightset!

To make sure you will not be lost at the event, study and remember this following map well.

Be sure to dress your best because as usual our Fesyen Gerek photographers will be lurking around to capture the fashion that represents the youth of Johor nowadays.

So guys, are you youth enough?

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