Monday, June 11, 2012

GETUP!Kluang At Kluang Mall

The latest news get got the Johorean buzzing for several weeks now is the GETUP! Kluang that will be held at Kluang Mall on 30th June 2012. This is an event designed and engineered for the youth and brought to you by JOHO and Kluang Mall. It will be a one day event where we bring all sorts of activities to celebrate the youth in Kluang.

If you have yet to see the list of our finest selection of activities, then be prepared to be WOWed. We ensure that it is not just fun and games though hence there will be opportunities for you guys to learn something as well. After all that, get ready to be entertained by our guests artists... all eleven of them! Don't believe us? See the following list of artists that will be performing for you guys on that day:
  • Monoloque
  • Salam
  • Altimet
  • Fynn Jamal
  • Medinee
  • Pesawat
  • Statik
  • P.A.B
  • Cangkool (local band from Kluang)
  • Redemption
  • Second Radio

Are you stoke yet? Well wait a second. There's more! As promised, we also bring in the Creative/Active Lifestyle participants for GETUP!Kluang. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from the best and personally get to know them.
  • Photography Outing, Exhibition and Talk by Mr. Amri Ginang
  • Photography Exhibition, Talk and Activities by Kukubesi Manipulasi, FOTORADIKAL
  • Fixed Gear Activities, Competition and Morning Ride with SOUTHERNFIXED and GRIP REAPER
  • Ghazal by Sekolah Tinggi Kluang
  • Graffiti Demonstration and Activities by The Super Sunday
  • Showcase of 24 Big Chinese Drums by the Chong Hwa High School
  • Longboard Demonstration by Boomslang

Aside from that, JOHO Car Boot Sale will also be around for the whole day, gathering local entrepreneurs  in one place so you guys can shop till you drop.

We will be releasing the official schedule of the event soon so keep your eyes open!

So... are you guys youth enough?

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  1. Pehh, can't wait this coming event. Miss my ex school punya ghazal. :-)



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