Wednesday, June 6, 2012

JOHO Merchandise: Belt and Pantone Series Lanyard

JOHO is once again proud to bring you the latest merchandise for our Original Quality Apparel Collection: JOHO belt. The belt as well as one of the first glow in the dark lanyard from the PANTONE Series (Twitter edition) will be released for the first time at #twtupKami this upcoming Saturday at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

There will be freebies for every purchase of JOHO Belt so don't forget to grab it!

Glow in the dark lanyard from the PANTONE Series (Twitter Edition)

The JOHO merchandises that will be sold at #twtupKami are not limited to these two items only. There will be plenty of other merchandises that will be on sale on that day including the latest JOHO key-chain.

The prices for these merchandises are as shown below (nett price):

1. Passport Cover - RM45
2. Glow in the dark lanyard from the PANTONE SERIES (Twitter Edition) - RM15
3. Belt + freebies - RM35
4. Button (set) + Freebies - RM10
5. Key-chain - RM15

See you guys this coming Saturday!


  1. can I buy the Belt and the Lanyard through online? seriously I want it!

  2. Wait for the news. At the moment though, the answer is NO.



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