Friday, August 17, 2012

KOTAK MUZIK | Shila Amzah - Sedar | *1st session*

Kotak Muzik 2012 was an event brought to you by Pengangkutan Awam Iskandar Malaysia (PAIM) and organized by JOHO. The event was held at Dataran Bandaraya, Johor Bahru on 7th July 2012. There were several artists involved for the event including Shila Amzah who later performed at the Kotak Muzik showcase on the same date. The purpose of Kotak Muzik 2012 is to promote Trans Iskandar and public transportation to the youth in particular, and the public in general.

This is a first step towards engaging the youth of Iskandar Malaysia as the change agent for better public transport.

Song: Sedar by Shila Amzah

Client: Perbadanan Pengangkutan Awam Iskandar Malaysia (PAIM)
Agency: JOHO

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