Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Paso Bumbong 2012: List of Sellers

JOHO once again proud to bring Paso Bumbong 2012 to all JOHO lovers. Paso Bumbong is a slang used by Johorean. It means Pasar Bumbung or Rooftop Market. The event will take place at Plaza Seni rooftop parking this coming Saturday (11 August 2012) from 3pm to midnight. 

The theme for Paso Bumbong 2012 is the 70's fashion, inspired by Sudin and Zaiton in Bujang Lapok film directed by P. Ramlee.

Date: 11 August 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm to midnight
Venue: Rooftop parking of Plaza Seni

There will be more than 20 entrepreneurs who will participate for the event. Below is the list of the said sellers:
  1. AkuDesign 
  2. Psychedelics 
  3. The Scandalist 
  4. Gerobok Buku 
  5. The Super Sunday 
  6. Passion Before Fashion 
  7. Stickybox 
  8. Gerobok Buku 
  9. The Good Old Things 
  10. Klasik By The Good Old Things 
  11. The Zipper & Buttonfly 
  12. Poi Bundle 
  13. Armee Rising Sun Bundle 
  14. BigFoot Bunt 
  15. Statik 
  16. Bundle Olok-Olok 
  17. The Divers 
  18. Boomslang 
  19. 27 Fridays 
  20. Gerobok Klasik 
  21. Al-Ikhwan 
  22. Reel Steal 
  23. JOHO 
  24. Qies Collection & Classy Hawa 
  25. Air Botol Sudin 
  26. LifeinTechnocolors
See you guys this coming Saturday! Make sure to check out JOHO's booth for exclusive discounted merchandises ONLY at Paso Bumbong 2012.

p/s: Hashtag PasoBumbong2012

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