Monday, July 12, 2010

GEGO: The Bands

Plague of Happiness

This band is originated from Pasir Gudang. They are one of the leading independent band in Johor and one of the most well-known ska band in Malaysia.

Plague of Happiness consists of 7 members: Nas (guitar and vocalist), Ipin (bass and backing vocal), Atoi (trumpet), Azmal (tenor saxophone), Nausad (trombone), Arab (guitar) and Pozy (drum).

This band plays ska punk with more happy tune and for a twist, their attitude and music arrangements are pretty out there which can be enjoyed by everyone. Plague of Happiness has never failed to be part of JOHO event so far. They have been entertaining JOHO lovers at SPAM! and Siren's Nite and this time they will rock Bukit Timbalan for the GEGO event.

Here is a taste of what you gonna get!


This metal band was formed in May 1997 and originated from Pontian. Their inspiration for their music stems from Chimaira, Lamb of God, Behemoth and Iron Maiden (to name some). Dewata have spread their wings with resolute bravery and determined skill, leaving behind childhood things and blossoming into musical adulthood. They recorded their four songs in year 2001 at Bandung and have been working hard on new material ever since.

Their band lines up consists of five male. They are Nizar (vocalist), Topek (guitar), Apis (guitar), Shah (bass) and Nizam (drums).

Some of Dewata famous songs are Intro and Lawan, Ijazahku Mati and KUKU BESI. They sound just as good as they look. If you are into metal, be sure not to miss them!

Radio Antic

This young indie garage band that consists of 4 young members is from Batu Pahat and has been around since early 2009. Even though they are young, their songs are not. Radio Antic's songs are inspired from The Killers and Artic Monkey and some of their well-known songs are Animasi and Ilusi dan Fantasi.

You can listen to their songs at their myspace:


Redemption is the only reggae band in Johor. The band is formed in 2006 and originated from Johor Bahru. The band has 7 members: Akeem (vocalist/guitar), Amin (guitar), Wan (bass), Aki (percussion), Aizal (percussion), Adith (drum) and Mamal (keyboard). They are popular with the song Kejutkan Aku and Bas No: 13.

You can check out the songs at their myspace:

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