Tuesday, July 13, 2010

GEGO: The Extremes


ENDSEVENNINE will gather up skaters as well as providing skate park for GEGO that will take place at Bukit Timbalan on July 16, 2010. The skaters will do demo and free ride from 5pm to 8pm. You guys can bring along your own skate and ride with them on that day.

Southern Fixed

Southern-Fixed is a group of fixed gear bike owners who share the same passion. As the name suggested, they are from Johor. Although they are relatively new (they started in early 2010), their number of members keep increasing due to the interest people shown with fixed gear bike.

Southern-Fixed will also do some free ride for you guys at GEGO. If you have a bike of your own, be it a fixed gear bike, low-rider, mountain-bike, or anything else, feel free to bring it along and ride with us. You won't regret it since Bukit Timbalan compound is spacious. You'll be glad to have a bike to ride on.

Everyone who have the passion are welcome to join the Southern Fixed. You can learn more about fixed gear bike by visiting their website: http://southernfix.tumblr.com/


Besides the fixie and skateboarders, there will also be an Autoshow of Supermoto at GEGO. Supermoto is a cross between motocross and road racing. The motorcycles used are frequently custom-created combination of off-road motorcycles and road-racing wheels/tires. This is how it got the nickname "supermotard" bikes. Unlike normal motorcycle racing, the emphasis lies on slower speeds.

Due to the popularity, excitement and durability of these motards, some owners modify them for street use. Motards makes excellent city-goers as their upright seating position provides great visibility in traffic. Their narrow frames and light weight also make them incredibly maneuverable, as well as easier to ride.

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