Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A trip to JOHO: GEGO

Entry by Bazil Bolia

After 4 days of orientation, finally I could spread my wings free. The orientation was a blast. Although we didn't get enough rest, (during the orientation, we can only sleep for about 2-4 hours a day and doing activities non-stop) but the memories gathered from the orientation always remains.

Straight after the orientation, my friends and I decided to travel to JOHOR. The road to Johor wasn't easy and cheap as it looks, but it was worth it. One hour from Alor Gajah to Melaka Central and from MC to Johor took another 3 hours. (Costs me RM45.60 for the whole trip).

"Naqie doing what he does best"

Staying at my friends house, Najhan, our first priority for the trip was watching the live show organized by JOHO, a social and creative arts community.

"JOHO! :D"

The whole event was held at Bukit Timbalan, JB. Me and my friends arrived as early as 3pm and I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the event- photographers, bikers, skaters, entrepreneurs and music everywhere.

You can never see these kind of things at Sarawak, I think. =p.

"You could see bikes everywhere during the festival."

To my pleasant surprise, it was my first time that I saw people playing futsal with their bikes. Nak try gak lah kat Sarawak, =p.

"I did tried kicking the ball. It was hard as shit."

We walked around the area for hours. We saw a lot of t-shirts and pants for sale; most of them are bundle where it could costs as cheap as RM5. Plus, they also sell some old school photo's of marilyn monroe, those big CD's that were uses during our dad's rock and roll era and not forgetting those vintage buttons, too.

"Junk Sale! Kuala Nerang boleh dapat RM2 la bro.."

After spending hours shopping at the junk sale, my friends and I went out to see some live open show at the entrance of Bukit Timbalan. The performance pulled out from the guys and girls are entertaining. Especially the girl with the "small" guitar; she rocks my pants!

"The next OIAM"

The thing that caught my attention during the open show was this big vuvuzela that I saw. It's big. 5 times bigger than the normal one and sounds like one too. The sound of some swarming bee's.


As the time ticks on to 9.30pm, we went to the stage where the concert would be held. But before that, we were introduced with some cultural dances from all over Malaysia.

"Usual stuff."

10.30pm was the moment that we have been waiting for. Local bands from Johor were going to perform live with us here at Bukit Timbalan; one of the bands that I was hoping to see was Plague Of Happiness and I was not disappointed and was thrilled by all the bands performing; Dewata, Radio Antic and Redemption. (First time watching people moshing was really one hell of experience..I saw this guy who jumped kick someone during the mosh.)

"Redemption pulling out some notes.. reggae style!"

When Plague Of Happiness arrives at the stage, everyone jumped and screamed the name of the band. Music from Plaque Of Happiness really gave the live show a very vibrant mood. Everyone was jumping around, dancing and skanking with all the spectators. (Even the Mat Salleh was hopping around like mad). Photographers were clicking the shutters at every second non stop; too bad that I didn't bring some of my lenses and flashes along =(

"Plague Of Happiness rockssss!"

Each and everyone of us had so much fun during the event. It was truly an enjoyable experience to see such performance by these bands. Thank You JOHO for organizing the event, it was truly a blast! Me and my friends are craving for more events from JOHO! Although I'm a Sarawakian myself, but JOHO did really gave me an insight of a new way of creative social ways of interacting and enjoying with people and friends.

"The event was freaking awesomeeeeeee!"

Again, Thank You JOHO!


  1. whoaaaaaaa like ni!! SARAWAKIAN eh!

  2. wassup yo..that vuvuzela thingy is actually a didgeridoo..aussie's indigenous traditional musical instrument..cheers!



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