Friday, December 4, 2009

Goreng Pisang

Goreng pisang or in layman's term, fried banana or banana fritters is Malaysia's favorite tea time snack. For goreng pisang addict, JOHO is providing you guys with a list of recommended "hotspot" for goreng pisang that would make your mouth watery.

Johor Bahru

1) Warung SAGA located in front of Convent school
The place is surrounded with pictures of Allahyarham P. Ramlee so you can enjoy your goreng pisang while reminiscing to the old days
(credited to Amoy Fazllina)

2) Warung Mak Ram of Jalan Pisang at Kampung Pasir (in front of Giant)
killer menu: flavored tempe goreng, ketuk-ketuk ubi and varieties of kuih-muih
(credited to Amoy Fazllina and Fairoz Azami)

3) Goreng Pisang MAWAR located at MAWAR (behind Dataran Bandaraya)
killer menu: The fragrant goreng pisang with other kuih-muih. You guys should try the soursop drink
(credited to Amoy Fazllina and Fairoz Azami)

4) Gerai Gate with is located at Desa Bakti, Skudai
killer menu: The crispy goreng pisang
(credited to Toqreemaow Soljah)

5) Located at the water reservoir of Taman Desa Rahmat, Tampoi
The price for the goreng pisang is 50cents. The goreng pisang is quiet the hot stuff, usually sold out after 2 hours.
(credited to Nama Saya Fadli)

6) Warung Mana Lagi? at Larkin (near the library of Sultan Ismail and in front of Petronas)
killer menu: the goreng pisang is accompanied by hot sambal kicap, tempe goreng, kerepok lekor and ubi goreng.
(credited to Azrafe Zaky)

7) Located besides ILP and Petronas in Pasir Gudang
killer menu: It has varieties of tea snacks like kuih-muih, tempe goreng and fried mushroom.
(credited to Sujieta)

8) Located at Kampung Sinaran Baru of Seelong, Kempas (before the Jalen factory)
killer menu: goreng pisang with mushroom soup.
(credited to Mohd Fadli Kamarudin and Fairoz Azami)

9) Located at Taman Dahlia market at Tampoi.
It provides a place for dam lovers to play while enjoying the goreng pisang with thick sambal kicap.
(credited to Amirul Izwan)

10) Located below the Kotaraya mosque (in front of the stairs)
killer menu: all sorts of goreng pisang are available as well as ubi goreng, keledek goreng, fried mushroom, cempedak goreng, cucur udang and keropok lekor.
(credited to Aien Razali)

Batu pahat

Kedai Mega located at Taman Penggaram.
Killer menu : goreng pisang covered with sambal kicap jawa served with fried tofu.
(credited to Boyd Fadzlee)


Located in front of Kedai Sri Bayu of Jalan Salleh.
killer menu : air kelapa (coconut drink), cempedak goreng, ketuk-ketuk ubi which can be enjoyed with the special sambal kicap.
(credited to Yaya Jams Dean)


1) Located besides the factory of Lee Biscuit
killer menu: rojak goreng pisang and fried me/meehoon.
(credited to Azam Raslan)

2) Located somewhere along the road of Tenggayun (on the way to Kukup)
killer menu: goreng pisang sambal kicap with nuts.
(credited to Abdul Rahman)

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  1. Goreng Pisang Joho = Cicah Kicap / Cili. Wajib :)



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