Sunday, December 6, 2009

Malaysia Wind Orchestra Competition 2009

(photo credited to Azrafe Zaky)

When: December 6, 2009
Where: Level 3, Persada Johor, Johor Bahru

JOHO can tell that it was a big event just by looking at the sponsors (one of them is ESPN/StarSports) however we were kind of disappointed at the outcome of the event itself.

The event required an admission fee of RM10 which kind of unreasonable (this was the first time they charged us for wanting to support the competitors). After that we had to wait for almost 2 hours as we waited for the VIP to finish eating the banquet dinner. It was absurd.

The competition itself started at almost 10pm.

But lets not take the highlight away from the competitors. They were excellent and very entertaining. JOHO's personal favorite was the band from UPSI (Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris). Unfortunately they lost the competition to SDAR (Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak).

Congratulations to the winner and JOHO hopes the organizer will do a better job next year :)

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