Saturday, December 5, 2009

Teater Walinung Sari

(photo credited to Azrafe Zaky)

When: December 5, 2009
Where: Auditorium Sultan Iskandar RTM, Johor Bahru
Sypnopsis: The theater Walinung Sari tell us how Tok Damak continues to lift the spirits of pujangga and lagu rakyat, especially one of Walinung Sari to ensure that they will always exist in today's modern society despite being targeted by Tok Penghulu and his avid followers.

JOHO really enjoyed the Walinung Sari theater. There were several moments during the performances when we got goosebumps and apparently we were not the only one. Most of the audience experienced the same thing.

It just goes to show how well the casts of this theater performed and we applaud their passions and wish them the best of luck for the competition.

You can read Nurul Raudah's experience here.

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