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Plague of Happiness

This band originated from Pasir Gudang. They are one of the leading independent band in Johor and one of the well-known ska band in Malaysia.

Plague of Happiness consists of 7 members: Nas (guitar and vocalist), Ipin (bass and backing vocal), Atoi (trumpet), Azmal (tenor saxophone), Nausad (trombone), Arab (guitar) and Pozy (drum).

This band plays ska punk with more happy tune and for a twist, their attitude and music arrangements are pretty OUT THERE which can be enjoyed by everyone.


Laila consists of 6 young males from Johor Bahru. They were first known as Laila's Lounge and has received great exposure after one of their songs (Mawar Khayalan) was chosen as the main soundtrack for "KAMI the Movie" film.

However, they have undergone several changes in the line-up since their establishment 10 years ago. Some of the musicians that were part of the group are Bulat (bassist), Sham Daging and Just (drums), Ajeep (keyboards, Kluk Kluk Adventure) and David (guitarist, They Will Kill Us All).

Year 2008 can be considered as a pear year for Laila's Lounge when they got involved with independent gigs as well as "KAMI the Gig" concert series. During that time, they agreed to use Wandi (Novelea) as keyboard sessionist and he has been with the group ever since.

Several months afterward however, they were faced with a significant change in their line-up. It happened after their original vocalist (Hadi) decided to withdraw. The group then decided tor recruit Shahrul to fill in the spot. The choice proved to be a good move because he is naturally gifted and has similar tone of voice as their former vocalist but has his own styles and characteristics.


Statik comes from Skudai, Johor Bahru. It was created by Enol in the early year of 2004. However the band has gone through changes after after several years in the entertainment world.

Mamat, Jeff, Along, Farique, Fifie, Shaney and Hassan were once part of the band members. Now the band has only three members; Enol, Haziq and Pendi.

Statik is known for their song Cherita Kita and Nikmat Sementara.

Zip Zieller and the Klasik Ikan Keli

The vocalist for Zip Zieller has moved to Johor Bahru in order to experience something new. Zieller and the Klasik Ikan Keli is his solo band project in Johor Bahru. Based on Rock n Roll and blues, the band wants to ensnare and ensure that the spirits and passions of the younger generations keep on burning.

Finger Inc

Finger Inc consists of Leman (drummer, Priceless Stupid Box), Madey (lead guitar, Priceless Stupid Box), Nuar (bassist, Priceless Stupid Box), Lynn (lead vocalist) and Aqi (rhythm guitar).

Formerly the three fyts wgi were already in F.I recruited Lynn as the vocalist after some serious Karaoke-ing, and were looking for another guitar player. After seeing Aqi played some songs while hanging out, they decided to recruit her too.

With everyone having different tastes in music, it brought out different elements in making their music.

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