Thursday, January 14, 2010


SPAM! crew. Wandi and Amirul were missing though

SPAM! (Southern Project of Arts Movement) was held at Roost Bistro on January 1, 2010. It was an event not to be missed. Those who came to the event would agreed that it was a blast despite the very cute venue.

JOHO would like to thank you for your cool and sporting attitudes that night. We also wanted to extend our gratitude to the following:
  • ROOST BISTRO for the awesome venue. Thanks to Hie and Bee for the support. You guys are the best!
  • REBIRTH for sponsoring the bands with United Invasion T-shirt. You guys can visit Rebirth if you want to purchase the Red edition button of JOHO. The store is located at Plaza Seni, Johor Bahru. Don't forget to check out their collection of shirts once you are there.
  • THE GOOD OLD THINGS. You can check out their rare collection of the "good old things" at Bazaar JB.
  • F IDEAS for the buntings. You guys rocks.
  • CUPCAKES ADDICT for the yummy and cute cupcakes! We are sure those who got the goodie bags enjoyed them.
  • WONDERSPACE for providing passionists a hub.
  • THE GIRL NEXT DOOR/ROOST CAFE for sponsoring our MC girl with such a cute and hip outfit. STYLE is indeed the new word for JOHOR.
Many thanks for the performing bands too:
  • FINGER INC, the entertaining indie rocker cuties from the south.
  • ZILLER n the KLASIK IKAN KELI that performed brilliantly that night, burning the passionist in all of us, especially with their memorable song 'Keroncong Pilihanraya'.
  • STATIK with awesome and meaningful combination with the BLUEBIRDS. They rock the house with the sing-along.
  • LAILA's performance made us more than excited as we wait for their upcoming new material. They were made of win!
  • PLAGUE of HAPPINESS. They rock the house with their energetic and awesome performances. Thanks for giving soul to every members of JOHO that were around that night. Encore! Encore!
SPAM! has proven that u guys CARE for the arts and culture development in JOHOR. Once again, thank you to all JOHO lovers. It does not matter if your are from JOHOR or not as long as you live/work/study in JOHOR and you love JOHOR DARUL TAKZIM.

Together, lets make a change and give JOHOR a fresh new ideas that prove that the new generation of JOHOR is ready to take on the challenge.

JOHO is wholefully yours!

the goodie bag for 100 lucky guests :)

the poster for the event

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