Sunday, January 3, 2010

SPAM! 2010: Where arts meet the lovers

It happened right after the earth said hello to the New Year 2010. 1st Janury 2010, 8.00 PM at The Roost Bistro, JOHO held its first ever gathering for its followers and fans. SPAM! is the name given, and the crowds were awesome.

I first know about JOHO when one of my friends (he is one the crew @ SPAM!) told me when we hang out at The Roost. Later, the word JOHO became familiar as I discovered it through Facebook and getting to know few people in it. Moving from that, I done some reading about it and it led me to SPAM! the gathering.

It thrills me to go and I just feel so excited about going. So, on that day, seven of us took off to The Zon and when we arrived, there were already crowds and it was very packed. Lucky for us that we managed to sneak in and secured a spot near the staircase. But I was late to get the goodie bag. Someone told me SPAM! goodie bag has SPAM! button, cupcake and other few things inside. God knows how much I wanted it but I guess it wasn't my luck after all.

At that time, it was Finger Inc performing and her voice kind of blew me away from there. The acoustic guitar played together with other instruments harmonized the night, just right for the New Year mood.

Then the other bands took over the stage (is there any?) and performed the night right after the other. Out of five bands performing, I love Statik the most. They are my all-time favorite and "Nikmat Sementara" really rocks my boat that night. One other band that really caught my ears and eyes was Ziller n the Klasik Ikan Keli. One of their songs, "Keroncong Pilihanraya", really made me feel like I am actually the real Mukhsin in the movie. It was so melodious and relaxing.

We made it through the night until the end of the event and really enjoyed it. Not only the acoustic show, I also bought a cupcake which bears "I love JOHO" for charity and really hope it does bring sunshine to those in need out there.

A lot of pictures were also taken. Inside and outside The Roost, wall of fame, staircase, fountain near the parking lot... those were some of the places where we portrayed our pictures, but the most awaited one is the picture of ours taken at the wall of fame by Reza Mohamed. He previously gorgeously snapped our picture at City Plaza during the DiGi Music Life. Now I can't wait for SPAM!'s. In the meantime, I noticed some of the pictures were out and I caught myself in one of Lalan Rahiman's photo album. Thanks Lalan (",).

We headed to Simple Street after that for refreshment and just can't stop talking about SPAM! Truly, JOHO did a very good job. We love the first SPAM! and would probably love it even more for the next event. Just sends out the details, we'll be there to support you.


By: Muhamad Syafiq Suraji

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