Tuesday, February 2, 2010

JOHO Outing: Another Success

Salam and Hello JOHO lover!

JOHO would like to thank everyone who participated in the outing last Saturday. It was an awesome and a memorable day for JOHO. Honestly we thought only a small group will turn up that day (since we only printed 50 blue buttons for the event) but more than 70+ JOHO lovers from around JOHOR and also outside yang participated..THANKS guys for the EFFORT and PASSION. u guys are indeed the BEST!

JOHO would like to thank KUKUBESI and his FOTORADIKAL team for the sweet and informative knowledge sharings to all JOHO members,and JOHO hopes that all members gained something on that day (although kena berpenat lelah berjalan around JB but u guys still gave an awesome participations.) KUDOS lagi!

Lagu JOHOR di atas PLAZA SENI tu memang MEMORABLE..btul? :)

says Azrafe Zaky.

Expect the unexpected.

Again, the crowd never fails to impress me. We were once shocked by the massive attack of people at SPAM! acoustic night. This time we had more than 50 photographers and friends attended our chill photo session. The atmosphere were fantastic and the participants were truly awesome. We can see them swarming JB city like never before. Everywhere we see the Johor lovers flash their JOHO plate with full of excitement and proud. On the streets, building walls, signs and even people around were holding the plate to show their support...which is cool tho. From JB main Post Office (PO) to Plaza Seni roof top we walked... quite a distance but it doesn't stop us to keep on shooting pictures of our beloved city.

On the roof top we were then feasted with the knowledge of photography by Mr. Kukubesi and his fellow Fotoradikal team (Komunis). Participants stayed until the end of the session with full of joy and satisfaction. They seems like couldn't stop taking pictures but heck every beginning has an ending (for now).

It was a great moment to end the day with everyone singing the Johor state anthem with pride. Thank you and congratulations JOHOrean for sharing this great experience. Everything was beautiful... the day, the people, the JOHO Plate, the photographers, the aweks aweks, the atmosphere, the roof top Plaza seni.... the only sux was... menapak balik ke PO.. baru terasa JAUHH!!!!" -

Says Reza Mohamed


Sedikit pandangan mata dari saya untuk event outing JOHO brsame KukuBesi... :)

Firstly, tepukan gemuruh untuk organizer (JOHO) and Kukubesi for organizing this outing (thumbs up!) , semua crew² yg terlibat , dan semua rakan² yg best² belaka.. takde korang outing tu mesti tepu beb.. hehe!

Em, sangkaan outing ni pasti sangat seronok menjadi kenyataan.. Suma yg datang walau bawak dslr, bawak videocam, bawak hp camera, yg tak bawak apa² pun, tetap nampak semangat membara yang ada pada dieorang hari itu.. then pusing2 satu JB town macam dekat je.. pastu celah² lorong & lohong pada aritu tu memang telah ditawan rakan² kita semua ni...

Then, semua ke plaza seni bersama² Kukubesi & Angkatan komunis nya.. Dapat diisi juga sedikit sebanyak apa² yg zero sebelom ni.. Thanks KB! hehe..

Penutup majlis, group photo untuk kenangan² & nyanyian lagu Johor yg buat lg meluap² jiwa ni untuk kehadapan! Yeeha..

Yang pasti, ia benar² hari yg seronok bg saya.. Again thanx to suma..


Says, Amirul Izwan

The group photos taken before and after the JOHO outing event with Kukubesi.



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