Wednesday, February 10, 2010

JOHO Outing: Pictures

These photos were taken by photographers JOHO on the day of the JOHO Outing which took place on January 30, 2010. Credit goes to Mr. Amirul Izwan, Mr. Reza Mohamed, Mr. Hunaidi Ismail and Miss Nbilla Jane Reza. If you are to use any of these pictures, please give credit/tag as JOHO Outing.

These files are meant to be viewed as web photos. If you want the original size of the photos, please email us at with the link to that file.


  1. JOHO outing terbaek!

    ~saya curik gamba ni siket. nak simpan dalam ma lappy. :) thnx JOHO!!

  2. tq guys...yang 1st foto agak gergasi tangan aku...power distortion wide!! tangan aku dah macam hellboy..haha...yang lg satu nampak kurus..tq.. LOVE JOHO!!

  3. ahahahaha....awek baju merah itu sunggoh COOL...(ayat manusia perasan)...lalalala~



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