Monday, February 8, 2010

Official JOHO T-shirt

Yes, JOHO now has it's own official t-shirt. Yes, we know you have seen it on Facebook. Yes, we have also heard how excited you are about it too.

The size range for guys are S, M and L and as for girls, S and M.

We will let you know the exact date and location where you can get your hands on this limited (yes, LIMITED!) JOHO t-shirt. So keeps your eyes open and be sure to check this space for updates. Trust us, you don't want to miss it.

Remember, JOHO is all about STYLE and QUALITY :)


  1., when, and where officially i can grab this shirt??? and smart..

  2. wawawaw
    mengharapkan dpat men'grab' tshirt trsebut :)

  3. saya nak jugak..order for my friend....size L...cmne eak...
    email sya balik ur feed back..

  4. T shirt tu still ada lagi tak? Nak order lah sebab nice gila .

  5. saya nak beli baju joho hitam putih ni. mana nak dapat ye.

  6. mahalnyer bju joho nie...murah sikit tak boleh ke..for dak2 student .hm



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