Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alfian Mohamed at Siren's nite

entry by Alfian Mohamed

Firstly I wanna thank JOHO and Starbucks for creating such a wonderful event specially for JOHO lovers, photographers and local act supporters who has made this event a success and make the people of Johor keep asking for more.

On March 26, 2010, JOHO has organized an event with the outing+photography exhibition+local bands as the concept. The event was GREAT! The atmosphere was superb and the crowd were totaly AWESOME!!

Because this was my first time going to this kind of event where you can enjoy your coffee with an acoustics shows, all I can simply said was what more shall you asked for from this Xtravaganza event!

I arrived just nice when I saw a lot of people outside the Starbucks, without wasting any time we (my lil' bro and I) went inside to get the JOHO limited editon Siren's Nite buttons and some coffees. After that I met my ex-primary school classmate. I never thought we would meet at the event.

The show officially started at 8pm where Statik kicked off with their unforgettable melancholy lullaby. At that time the event was on a slow acoustic mode where everyone sat down and relaxed while enjoying Statik who took the stage in full swing!


8.05pm - Statik started the show with CHERITA KITA and everyone started to sing along with the tune, it was an unforgettable experience, surely.

8.15pm - Statik performed their latest song GELAP and the song as expected is gonna be a hit on Xfm (I'll bet!!!) I like~~~

8.25pm - Statik final song was NIKMAT SEMENTARA and it eventually brought more people to Starbucks including all the pedestrian outside the cafe. They totally ROCK in acoustic mode. Who denied that must be a wacko who doesn't appreciate music at all

8.28pm - they announced the first lucky draw winner and it turn out to be a American/European/Australian (I wasn't sure) man and he wasn't expected it either.

8.30pm - The Bluebirds took the stage, at that time I was looking for my coffee I placed somewhere else. When I was came back for my seat (on the floor) it started to get more interesting and more people were in front. I lose my seat but my lil' bro still holding his ground and watched the Bluebirds at the stage

8.40pm - It was the the last songs by the bluebirds called ROCKSTAR, I was at the back of the crowd and can actually saw a glimpse of Reza Mohamedand his band on the stage

8.50pm - I managed to get back my seat and while waiting for Plague of Happiness to rock out, they announced the second lucky draw winner.

9.00pm - Mr. Zac's turn to the stage and we all applause for him because without him and the JOHO crew, there will be no Siren's Nite. Terima kasih Mr. Zac for the wonderful event!

9.10pm - Plague of Happiness came up to the stage and rocked out with a ska song that turned the acoustic show that nite to a powerful ska nite and everyone was on their feet and sing along to a very peaceful ska song making the nite even more wonderful.

9.15pm - They sang KONSPIRASI "konspirasi ini dijadikan institusi, semat ke dalam jiwa dijulang tinggi" (sing along!!!). The song was a tribute to their tour in Indonesia to bring peace between Malaysia and Indonesia with lyric "mengapa kita tetap berpecah lagi? buanglah semua perasaan benci, jangan engkau ikut desakan hati". Great song by a great JOHO band. Yeah bring peace not hatred :)


  1. how I can be with u guys next time.
    anyway, thanks for that surprised - on screen when Statik performed!

    That's just so cool!

  2. thanks LORD ZARA ,just wanna give some extra highlight

  3. thanks for supporting Statik & JOHO!!rock on!



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