Saturday, March 27, 2010

Story of Siren's Nite

entry by Qusyaire Ezwan

JOHO once again organized a very great event on March 26, 2010. Cooperation between Starbucks and JOHO was a success when many JOHO lovers who attended the Siren’s Nite singing praises to JOHO for the awesome event.

Hundreds of JOHO lovers gathered in crowd at Starbucks, The Zone to liven up the Siren's Nite. The event started at 8:15 pm with a performance from Statik, a group from Skudai. Statik perform three songs for the crowd that night.

After the performance of Statik, we had the first lucky draw which was won by Mr. Martin.

Bluebirds continued to enliven the Siren's Nite with their performance. They also performed three songs that night. A very interesting presentation specially for JOHO lovers. After the presentation, we had the lucky draw for the second time and this time it was won by a cute girl.

Siren's Nite became livelier when Wandi as the MC for the night invited Plague Of Happiness to perform. JOHO lovers who attended that night gathered and stood up to enjoy the performances from POH. For the first time in my life, I stood on the chair of Starbuck. Initially, the POH was only to perform three songs, but the fans kept asking POH to continue with their performance. Finally POH presented six songs that night.

Lastly, we had a lucky draw for the third time and was won by a pair of beloved. Siren's Nite ended after that but those who attended did not directly go back home as their stayed, took pictures and also having a chat with fellow friends from JOHO.

There is nothing that can be expressed about the party last night except that it was superb. I hope JOHO will continue to advance in the future.

Congratulations to JOHO!



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