Sunday, March 14, 2010

Roost Juice + Bar

JOHO introduced me to Roost Juice + Bar. It has been around for couple of years I guess. I just didn't know of it, or just does not bother to find out, because I was a hikikimori back in the days. It is only recently that I ventured out and has social life again.

This post is about me telling you guys what an awesome place Roost is. It really is one of the best hang out place perhaps not only in Johor, but in Malaysia as well.

It ain't about the menu (although they are pretty yummy), it is about the place itself. The place has soul. It was decorated to reflect the personality of the owner and very... how should I put this... oldskool and rock n' roll? Yeah, those two are definitely the best words to describe the place. The place also has some kind a laid back attitude about it because the choice of musics it plays so you would be able to chill without worries.

Aight enough with the words, on with the photos.

As you can see, the place is kinda full or art and shit like that. Like I said, awesome. They even have a trishaw at one corner but the picture was shit so I discarded it.

They also has another branch called Roost Bistro. That is where we had our SPAM! party during the New Year.

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  1. where the heck is this place? would love to check it out sometime. looks pretty awesome.

  2. Roost is located at Jalan Dhoby.

  3. is it in front kedai makan (mcm malay pye,but) owned by chinese tu?

  4. eh? You mean IT Roo cafe ke? kalau ya, then no. Tapi dia sederet ngan IT Roo



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