Monday, March 22, 2010

Recipe for Hate

Last Saturday, on March 20, 2010, a bunch of JOHO people went to Minyak Beku, Batu Pahat to attend Recipe for Hate, a BBQ and gathering night that was organized by Rekod Lusuh. We started our journey at 3pm when it was raining hard in Johor Bahru. Thank goodness the rain stopped half way. The sun was up albeit behind the cloudy sky.

We fueled our tank with Batu Pahat's famous mee racun first before we continued our journey to Ferry Terminal Minyak Beku, one of the best places to capture the setting sun.

The entrance fee for Recipe for Hate was RM15. You'll get a ticket that you can used to redeem the food provided by Rekod Lusuh. The bands started performing at 8.30pm with Arclic Ayla as the opening act followed by Urughai, Carbon 14 and Sally Faerie. John D. Madman took the center stage with his poetic rendezvous after that. He grabbed the crowd's attention with his words and received a hefty applause.

The show continued with Crestfallen and the rest of the bands. Unfortunately the JOHO members could not stay longer and wait for the show to finish because we need to travel back home.

JOHO would like to thank Feroz Omar and Rekod Lusuh for their hospitality and warm welcome. We wish Rekod Lusuh all the best and hopefully one day we could collaborate and bring in the storm to Batu Pahat.

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  1. mcm rugi la tak dapat joen :( haih..

    xpe, tunggu siren's nite plak!



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